Chemistry Notes for Class 10 in Urdu


Chemistry is one of the difficult paper in metric class because students have little mind and cannot bear load on their mind. We will give them very solid tips for getting good marks in chemistry.

How to Pass The Chemistry Paper Through Notes

There are some very useful tips which will give you good ideas how to pas the chemistry but keep in mind you have to choose one chemistry notes book after that read our tips,

1 – Every Matric student must select the good chemistry notes book in urdu.

2 – Every day spend 20 to 25 mints on your selected matric chemistry notes.

3 – When you remember your lesion, take help your friend or teacher to check it.

4 – Solve your all mistake and write again and again.

5 – When you complete remember all notes, must give test for all lesson.

How to Search Good 10th class chemistry solved exercises urdu Format in Google

There are lots of boys and girls in 10th class do not know how to search online chemistry exercise notes in urdu but due to low level of internet browsing knowledge not be able to search correct chemistry notes in urdu so we are giving you some solid tips, you have to use and fulfill your requirement.

1 – Type and it will be open within some mints.

2 – You have to use some solid keywords in google such as chemistry 10th class key book and if you are belong to Faisalabad, you have to search chemistry notes for class 10 fsd board because if you searched only chemistry notes, other boards notes will also be on google top position and you will confused.

3 – If you do not want to waste your time, you only type in google 10th class chemistry notes at, you will find correct and full notes in urdu too.

What you Need When You are Preparing Chemistry Notes For 10th Class

There are some useful tools which you have in your pocket which you are studying for getting good marks,

1 – You have to keep one or two good pens for writing your notes which will remember.

2 – Must keep neat and clean copy for writing daily lesson.

3 – Don’t ignore pencil and Rabat when you write remembered lesson.

When You Ignore Any Chapter What Can Happen

I am always confused when prepare exams because some boys and girls start study and select few chapters to prepare which are the bad method because some time we leave the some chapters and some Q come in the exams and cause for failing. You have to prepare all chemistry chapters for getting good marks.

Who’s Luck Works in Exam?

Some time, students complain our luck not work in exam but they do not work hard for this purpose because luck always work for those who prepare all notes and inter in exam with full preparation.

Note – Hard working in study Is need for working luck in exam. Do not ignore our words.

Save Your Time After Using Latest Solved Chemistry Notes

When I was in 10th class, always search solved chemistry notes because it saved my time and less working hard. When we use Punjab chemistry notes book, we need lots of time to collect all Answer of Q. it is time consuming for us and cannot prepare all chapters in short time because we need also time for other subject.

How Can 10th class Student Fail in Chemistry Paper

10th Class student always need good hardworking in it but due to lack of interest in study, boys and girls fail in exam. I am giving you some useful information to you because you need some interest in study. We recommend you chemistry notes in following which will give you lots of benefits.


Note – use all notes and share with your friends on fb and calss fallow.

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