How to Earn Money From Software Affiliation


What is Affiliation?

“It is the contract between the two person or two websites to sell product on commission.”


One website holder contract with other website holder to sell product but I will take commission from you and both partners agreed on it called affiliation.

Top Affiliation Websites

There are lots of affiliation websites but some top websites are following,

1 –

2 –

3 –

From above websites, you can get software affiliation but I am in doubt for ebay because I have never used it due to high level website, I estimate, it can provide but it is not sure.

Question is How to Earn Money From Affiliation

There are lots of ways to earn money from affiliation but we will provide you useful tips to earn money,

1 – Create wordpress website easily but not free domain.

2 – Write unique software related article on daily base with full information on each topic.

Example –

3 – You must know about the SEO so when you create each article must do proper SEO such as on page and off page both on it.

4 – Get good high DA back links related to your website for you site.

5 – Also do bookmarking, directory submission and also get do-follow comments on your site for getting ranking in google because for earn money from software, your website must be able to get good visitors after doing on page and off page SEO.

6 – Always share on all social media one by one or install plug “jetpack by wordpress” because it is used for auto sharing post on social media.

7 – Install also subscriber plug on your site which will help to get visitors for your website.

Important Points – Selection of Affiliation By Your Terms

When you get software affiliation always gets affiliate on such terms,

1 – When download your affiliate company software, they have to pay you.

2 – When someone buys from your website also pay you good commission.

3 – When click on software not download also pay you because it will also give you good money.

My Opinion For You

When you want to do this business, you must take opinion from this website c4crack holder because he is doing very good business or getting good income from software affiliation.

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