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The Best News Apps for Us

If you want to get stay update about the news and information any kind of then we have the best news apps for you and will be helpful to know everything from your android mobile. Now it is quite very easy for us to use the apps by just clicking on them and will be more helpful to have the information, details, places and incidents nearby or in any of the country you will great to have on your mobile.


If you want to enjoy the apps about anything you need for news and information about the conditions of the countries will be best for you. The ARY NEWS URDU is best for all the Pakistanis to join best news apps to get best information news updates and all the big news easily from a single app.


Now the BBC news app has completely been redesigned along with the unique look and just feels to get the more content and right greater the personalizing and information. Main thing is that a top story brings will as latest global network of the journalists. BBC News is being given to showing to all accidents and incidents for you.

92 News HD Live TV APP

We have one of the best leading mobile apps which are a best news update resource for us and will be complete to show the news all about. The 92 News HD Live TV is best to show the complete details about any event near to you and will be strong to keeping the updates about anything you want. APP

For all latest news and for famous Urdu news now the Pakistani news and the latest Urdu news, videos, sports news it is the best app for you. This app is completely connected with the app you want to ensure the news and anything related to your favorite news and updates.

Cricket Live 365 APP

For all your best adventure games and favorite cricket live matches we will have here as the Cricket Live 365 and will give us all the best match details and keep us informed by all things we want to stay updated. The Cricket Live 365 is best for us and will be more helpful to catch up all the latest breaking news about cricket here with this app.

Express News TV APP

We have the best leading app in all over the Pakistan for current news, current affairs, politicians’ info, politicians’ conversations and their surrounding with this app. It is the best secure app for you to manage your all the detail you need from the Express News TV.

Samaa News App APP

If you want to enjoy all the latest news and best current stories then we have the best app for you to get download free from here. Now the Samaa News App will actually bring for you the all Pakistani news and also the trends of current affair to get follow. It is best for you to watch the uninterrupted free live streaming of videos.

CNN Breaking US & World News APP

Best universal news about the current world news affairs and conditions of the countries which could be bad or good we are going to have from best app as the CNN Breaking US & World News. It is as best as the alert settings and getting overwhelmed with this app.

Geo News Live TV APP

Pakistan’s no. 1 app to watch news, political shows, famous Pakistani show Apas ki batt and Khabarnak due to its best memorable clips and live streaming of news updates. Not only has the particular showed but also the famous celebrity conversations from this app we are going to have now free by using this on our android mobile.

AbbTakk News APP

One of the famous news channel apps the AbbTakk News has best and strong references to show their visitors about reality. This is best as providing you the best opportunities to know the updated news through its dynamic android and tablet applications for news.

Fox News APP – Breaking News, Live Video & News Alerts

Best app about international news we have the amazing news channels with the quality briefing details from the several news channels. You can watch news on the demand anytime and anywhere you have gone. You will absolutely follow the latest sports and the business headlines to get the live streaming videos from any devices or mostly from the android.

News by India TV APP

Some kind of the official India TV app one of the most popular Hindi news, channel, brings you can get the latest updates from here. We can have from this app as for breaking news and top stories from the India and around the world. People will also get news in Hindi and English headline news free from this app anywhere you want.


News about current affairs, social news, headline news, official statements, press conferences are available here from the app ABP LIVE News. With the breaking news in Hindi from India to you anywhere you want to listen. You can also have the best updates about any kind of the incident and accident placed near to you.

NDTV News APP – India

The Indian industry for beauty and films we have the official NDTV News app actually brings the best and latest stories and will also give you the updates you want to see. You can also get easy and complete access to live TV videos, photos, News beeps and updates about cricket news you want to listen or any news you want to enjoy you can have with this app.

The Guardian APP

If you want to take the latest news updates and current issues or may the opinions of the experts about any topic or about any things you can have all with the app known as The Guardian. You can make space for the issues that actually matter and keep reading all you are offline or online or anywhere into the world.


In all around the world but basically the AAJ NEWS app gives you all things you need and from the different superior news as reporting takes just as with the unmatched analytical power. It is best as building on the immaculate reporting of the news and of the business records you need most of the time to stay updated.

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