Structure of Streams and Subjects for CBSE Class 11 Science


Class 10 exams have got over, results are announced, and by now, students have already decided for their respective paths ahead. It’s now the time for all class 10 students to choose which stream they want to choose for a brighter future.

The CBSE – Central Board of Secondary Education which was the first educational board to be set up in India. It has become a well-known board of education, designed to support both intermediate and higher levels of education. Its main aim is to provide an accurate syllabus and additional information about the subject both- practically and theoretically. The CBSE board also provides a free study environment, with all necessary requirements for students to develop their concentration towards their studies.

The CBSE board has become popular for its wide-ranging syllabus pattern. It has also introduced the new method of the grading system for a continuous and comprehensive evaluation, which increases the competition between the achievers and higher achievers and also resolves the student’s problems in learning.

Class 11 is a stage of decision. At this stage, one should decide what they want to become in their future. Many students are faced with the same question – what subjects to choose after class 10.

In this article, students can find some information about the different streams and subjects for class 11 science.

There are primarily three main streams in class 11 and among these three, a student can choose anyone based on their interest.

➢ Science stream: This is a most often preferred course by all the students who aspire to pursue professional career courses after their class 12. These include both medical and non-medical courses and the career options includes scientists, doctors, engineers, technicians, teachers, etc.

➢ Humanities or Arts stream: Humanities, commonly known as the arts stream. It is fast catching up with the other streams of education, this stream has the widest scope of opportunities for students. Those who are willing to pursue their career as journalists, advocates, teachers, entrepreneurs, can take up this stream.

➢ Commerce stream: This stream is another good option for class 11 with strong skills in maths and analytical abilities. Students who have a passion to work as an accountant in any financial department, in the nationalized bank, etc. can choose this stream.

Cbse Subjects For Class 11 Science

There are three to four subjects in science stream which includes Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and Computer Science. Some colleges may also have other subjects like home science, Psychology, etc. as the optional subjects. The subject varies based on the student’s combinations.

● For medical students, the subject includes Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
● For non-medical students, the subject includes Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Apart from all these subjects, CBSE class 11 students have to choose any one language as part of their syllabus from the options provided and English will be considered as a compulsory subject. Students can get the updated syllabus for different streams and subjects online along with the study material for class 11.

For more information regarding the CBSE class 11 subjects and syllabus, students can visit our website BYJU’S and can also watch interactive video lessons on various science related topics by subscribing to the BYJU’S YouTube Channel.



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