Can Quality Content Remove The Back Links Importance(SEO 2018)

Definition of Quality Content

“The content which is written in good English but no used of excess of keywords on the other hand, must answering the all question in it.”

How Can Content Removed The Importance of Backlinks

Quality content always be importance but which type of article will be quality follow our tips,

1 – USA English

Quality article depend on good writer but if your article is written in mother language which is USA will be good but if you are from Pakistan, India and Indonesian, article quality will be low as compared with USA Writer. Always use some money and take help of USA writer for the quality of your website. Good need quality content not back links on your site so you’re USA written article will lesser the importance of back links.

2 – Answer All The Question

You have to answer the all question without using this system; your article will be in fake category. Write article on tips related because in this way, you will solve the problem of people which searched in google.

Expert Suggestion

One quality article in USA written = Equal to 100 Good Backlinks.

Difference Between Used Keyword Content And Without Keywords Content

Always write article on tips and answer all the Question which people to read so follow some points which will help you to thing which type of content is good,

1 – Article which is used lots of keywords always breaks the importance of content.

2 – When you used 4 or 5 keywords, you will not be able to answer the all question.

3 – USA writer not depend on keywords used system, only write on content related to tips subject which always google like.

4 – Always take content writing services from SEO specialist because he know how to write the good content and also know google do not like used of keywords.

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