How To Add a Subpage in the WordPress 2018

Basically the wordpress a famous source that is completely launched into the past as the year 2003 in search engine. It is fact bloggers can use the user friendly template system to get the look of site and then pros post directly. So as among the lots of features that the other specific templates and have for the better ways and opportunities to get divide them into the particular sections as per the topics is necessary.

Here you can follow the steps about adding the subpages into the WordPress

Login to WordPress Blog

People who actually not have particular wordpress and other blog so that their home page and needs click on the orange button actually as get started here with complete options.

Clicking on My Account

After getting into the website so click on the may account options will come on the left side of the tool bar at the upper side of the page of your blog.

Selection of the “Pages” Tag

Then we have to select the tag option we can have right side and it is about pages and dashboard is the vertical list of current running down the side you get upon left.

Creation of Page

Making of the pages are not so much difficult and you can have a parent page right under on that and you can get a subpage onto the pages screen and get the Add New option on the right of word pages into your blog.

Creation of the Page Would Like To Be Subpage

People will actually have to go through the way of having and including an article as content will under the page you need. In any case if you cannot publish so then you can make it save by clicking.

Going Back To Getting “Pages” Tag

If you want to see complete list of the pages then you will see if you have created.

Selection of the Page That You Want O Turn

Clicking on the page name that you want right into the subpage of your website

Editing the Pages If Required

Editing is must required and you must look for the changes if you have made some kind of the mistakes into the pages.

Clicking on the Drop down Menu

Actually it will be as the list pages and you have just created then and select page actually you want into the category of subpage to be listed right into the drop list of your logged in site.

Selection of the Default Listing

So then you can select to use the default listing and also the subpages came right with the template of site. With the parent menu to get select a complete list as through the site map could be an experiment for you.

Checking the Page for Hierarchy Pages

Catching the page to have the hierarchy of the pages and then you can get all pages screen to get all your pages completely listed there.

Repeating Of the Pages You Would Like

As repeating some kind of the pages would actually like to point there and then the links to get the pages will actually reflect that they are as close for the parent page into the site.

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