B.com Part 1 Past Papers 2012 Faisalabad Board

There are lots of boys and girls in all over the Pakistan studying in B.com Part 1 but they do not know the patron of papers and which are the important Q can come in upcoming exam so we are posting some old papers such as

Business statistics & mathematics part 1 2012

Financial accounting part 1 2012

Financial English part 1 2012

Introduction to business part 1 2012

Money, banking & finance part 1 2012

I hope all the old papers of Punjab University for 2012 is not difficult if anyone work hard and must know study the all Punjab University past papers B.com part 1 which will give you benefit in 2018 exams. All the below subject is very important to pass the exam 2018,

Business statistics & mathematics

Financial accounting

Financial English

Introduction to business

Money, banking & finance

How to Pass the B.com Part 1 Tips

I was also the student of B.com in 2003 but you must use our tips and study according to them which will give you lots of benefits Insha Allah,

1 – Use your 30 mints to all important subject it mean you need daily 150 mints.

2 – You have to divide your study time 150 mints into two parts of 60 and 90 mints.

3 – Every day must study or 5 days minimum.

4 – When you remember you lesson must write it.

5 – Tell your friends please check my written lesson.

6 – Every month give test to your teachers or helpers.

7 – One day from 7 days must leave from study and go for walk with friends for fresh your mind.

8 – Keep in mind, spend your time on your study and name time both will work if you spend your time only on study not says namaz, it is not good for Muslim because Allah Pak helps need us with study.

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