How To Clear Message Notifications on Our Android 2018

Into he lots of cases main thing is that message notifications may not go away and also even right after reading the message and just locking the screen completely. Some kind of bug can also result in different previous clogging up the messages and notifications of your android. Here are the steps for you to clear message notifications on your android easily.

Open the Setting

For navigation through the home screen and get the icon for nice looks as a complete gear and this can also use the setting app then just tap with the finger to launch this easily.

Find and Get the Application Manager

It is necessary for you to make sure and into the general and then the section of the settings confirm that the general marked tab is highlighted in a complete lighter blue and then tab the application manager option.

Tap All

Tap on the all button for clearing the message notifications

Select Messages

Then you have to scroll down right through the list and get the messages app and then tap on it to show the complete information right directly concern with the application.

Tap On Clear Button

For the sake of clearing the app you can also find this option within the Storage information that is below the Show Notifications and then check box.

The Uncheck Of Do Not Keep Activities in Settings

Here is another way for you to clear the messages and notifications on android and there will be no particular problem for you to get remove all of them.

  • Head to the Setting menu get all the information from the previous method
  • Scroll down the tap on the developer options
  • Just uncheck the option as do not keep activities from android
  • You should make sure that Background process limit and is completely set to standard of the android

Deleting the Messages in the SIM Cards

Here we have the simple and easy way for us to delete our messages and have clear space to enjoy so that helpful for you to run your mobile safely.

Head to the Message Inbox

With the navigation as scrolling through the home screen and get the app labeled then messages so that icon resembles and envelope with a complete style of letter right inside it. Then you have to tap the application to open it.

Access the Menu in the App

Tap on the menu key on the phone and a complete list of several options will also pop up on the screen of your android.

Tap on Setting

You need to make sure about it and for text message setting then you can check this by making sure about.

Scroll and Get To Look For the Manage SIM Card Messages

It is very easy for you to delete and manage to remove all kind of the messages

Go To Message Settings

If the above mentioned steps do not work and will go to the message settings and then you navigate back to the SMS and get the settings menu listed in the step following.

Uncheck the Notifications

If you find anything related to your android as check then uncheck the box right next to the Delivery reports.

Restart the Android

As it is the final step for you to get restart your android Smartphone as neat and clean as getting the more space easily by following the steps.

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