Top 10 Communication Apps 2018

Making things bit closer and will be quite easy to understand feeling with each other is very necessary for us for the business and also for the people who want to get a compete satisfaction. It is fact all the communication apps will be helpful for us as chat one by one or in the groups. Now it is also supportive for us to remove photos and messages from a conversation. Such apps are also easy to express yourself with the different animated gifts.

Yahoo Messenger – Free chat

We have lots of communication apps and channels where we exchange our ideas and feelings with each other. Now the new yahoo messenger is the faster way to chat and share millions of photo and animated gifts instantly. Optimization for using the talk back is really wonderful feature for us.

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

It is really fantastic for us and turning on portable wifi hotspot will actually improve your mobile computing experience and very simple and fast for its users. So as using the application configuration is essentially required and setting then more and then at the last stage portable hotspot for all of us.

My Zong

Some particular official app is really amazing for us and this app is one stop destination for manage you Zong account. It is really fantastic for us as checking remaining free resources activate and deactivate bundles or the packages. So as getting recommendations are for internet packages and the other bundles for the sake of entertainment.

Plus Messenger

As between the lots of communication messengers the Plus Messenger an unofficial messaging app that is actually being uses telegrams API. It is also very useful and one of the best message apps on our Google Play Store. Plus Messenger is best for change colors and sizes of different objects like the icons and texts or the headers you have.

TouchPal Keyboard – Fun Emoji & Free Download

With the unique and nice emoji settings for our keyboard and help to express better ways, and it is compatible to all the different and unique social apps. Some best social apps and the top social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, messenger, Gmail and the whatsapp are most wanted apps for us to download and same the TouchPal Keyboard – Fun Emoji & Free Download app.

WePhone – free phone calls & cheap calls

Between the best smart apps for communication and for call apps into the Google WePhone – free phone calls & cheap calls is best. So as the call recorder and the other recording phone calls for free now with this particular app. Some better and great voice quality at super low VoiP rates for US and the global calls it is beneficial.

Photon Flash Player & Browser

With the help of Photon Flash Player & Browser for the android devices is the leading and also best flash browser app with the complete flash player and is a plugin built in support and online video streaming. So as this is the leading edge technology allows different users to browse the web very fast and quick. VPN

it is one of the best apps we have and VPN is helpful for us as becoming anonymous and completely safe onto the internet reclaiming the complete online freedom without any kind of cost. Such kind of apps actually allows you to avoid best of surveillance from the different official agencies.

Easy Urdu Keyboard 2018 

Now it is very easy for us to write the urdu anywhere we want and it is best speech to urdu text and also urdu speech to the English text. Now you can easily write urdue in any of the application very easily and comfortably. Just with the help of typing on the buttons you will have better results of urdu written text.

Call Recorder

Due to multiple reasons the call recording gives actually the finest and easiest way to record all your phone and it is conversations and manage them correctly for the needs. So as recording the calls automatically while calling we can have from Call Recorder app now here fantastically. It is helpful for us as organizing the call records and a view all the calls we need and essential.

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