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Education is the most important thing for our live and there are lots of colleges and institutes which are giving international education to the students in all around the world. Into the lots of developed countries education is compulsory for each and every person from lower class to higher class level people. Main thing is that tips college of Faisalabad is now the only one institute which is providing education equally to all the people like best. Now the public sector institutions with their limitations are unable to serve every mind in the nation and such kind of gaps is being successfully filled by the private sector educational institutions and colleges.

There are lots of values and important factors behind the success of tips college of Faisalabad. Training is must with the education so it is only due to possible with the skilled and experts who train you and educate you properly. In any of developed or being developing countries the role of private sector in strengthening the education that cannot be as unnoticed. It is fact private sector organizations are the backbones for us and for our education betterment so Tips College of Faisalabad is right on its right way to serve the nation. The management of tips also realized its role in building the future of the nation by producing qualified professional and experts.

Tips College of Faisalabad Facilities

The tips offers a friendly and relaxed study atmosphere and teachers are always available at the campus to guide the students help them in their academic problems and exchange of opinions and views. It is always necessary for all of us to examine the things like facilities and benefits that we can have from any of the educational institute.

Gracious Atmospheres

User friendly surrounding and gracious atmosphere is the thing which is helpful for us and make each and every student punctual towards the classes and college. Relation who builds between good students and faculty improves all aspects of the academic experience. If any of the students did not get the particular surrounding and attractive environment they will not get the proper marks and right education into any of the class or in any of the institute.

Hostel Facilities

It is fact there is plenty accommodation available within easy reach of college and will make your new things to capture and memorize the visual effects. So as in addition the college operates its own accommodations and facilities on behalf of registered student there. Facilities of the hostel and rooms are matter a lot for the students and for the studies. So for the sake of better educational environment tips college of Faisalabad have the best hostel facilities for students to live better and study better.

Library Facilities

Library is the main place of each and every institute to give better facility into the shape of books and tables and chair which attracts the people to read well and get educate well. it is fact surrounding is the most important thing for us if we want to have study in proper ways. So the college library is the largest resource center for commerce studies in Faisalabad. The library is also main source for studies to have and to memorize.

Co-operative Administration

With the academic progress is much evaluated through the class tests and terms papers so as in the house examinations and their performance actually. Learning and extra coaching in the different areas of weakness is also given to the students and without any extra charges of fees and admission fees.

Computer Labs

Basically the teaching and learning at the tips has always been good and very challenging which also about the technology intensive. It is reality tips offers a rich and diverse computing environment that effectively meet and complete productivity requirements of different students regard computer and information technology.

Lecture Theaters and Classrooms

As much the role of library is essential for us so much the classrooms and lecture halls are important for us to receive the new and latest updates from the teachers related to our studies. The tips college of Faisalabad has very well furnished and air-conditioned classrooms and various halls theaters are also equipped with the audio visual support and help.

Amusement Tours

In the Faisalabad now we have the only one institute which is famous for the educational and skilled tours for the students. The college management always actually realizes the requirements and needs to complete the tours and traveling benefits for study and learning purposes.

Student Functions

Aim of the tips college of Faisalabad is only to give better knowledge and atmosphere and surrounding for better career ultimately. The college management always realizes the requirements of student’s creative functions and price distribution events to have mutual attractions and livelihood. The students always enjoyed these tours in the supervision of their teachers due to having fun and fervor with each other.

Tips College of Faisalabad Courses

The mission of tips college of Faisalabad is to expand each and every single value of education to every single student. There are lots of values have been discovered to open up the minds of students for higher education values with all aspects of it. Now you can see all the courses categories with the complete details to make a choice right here.


Professional Studies


  • CA (Chartered Accountant)
  • ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accounts)
  • PIPFA (Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants)

Master Programs

  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • Com (Master of commerce)
  • A English (Master of Arts in English)
  • Sc (Computer Science) Master in Computer Sciences
  • Sc Psychology


Graduation Programs


  • BSCS (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science)
  • Sc (Information Technology)
  • BA-IT (Information Technology)
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • Com (Bachelor of Commerce)


Intermediate Study Programs


  • Sc (Faculty of Science)
  • C.S (Intermediate of Computer Sciences)
  • Com (Intermediate of Commerce)
  • A (Faculty of Arts)

Tips College of Faisalabad Admissions

Very first thing which is essential for us towards the education is admission, so now for higher quality education we have best affordable admission fees for the students of FSc pre Medical and for the students of Pre-engineering. Now you will have pre medical admission fees only 80,000 and same fee for the pre engineering students.

Admissions into the tips college of Faisalabad for ICS students is open now and as with the quality benefits for students now we have affordable admission chances to our students. The tips college students for the program of physics group will complete to set with the admission in just 80,000 and same fee for the Stat group and for the Economics Group.

Tips College of Faisalabad Board of Directors

The teams of board of directors are truly honest and make your future and career very strong with the complete affection with the students. All the directors are honorable and serving to make better career, future regarding the interest. It is true Faisalabad is blessed with such personalities who have strong aims

Mr. Ahmad Jabbar



Mr. Ahmad is leading authority of the tips college Faisalabad and chartered accountant himself of the institute of chartered accountants of Pakistan (ICAP). This man is working hard and nicely for the prosperity of the institute and to serve the humanity very nicely.


Mr. Junaid Subhani



Mr. Junaid Subhani is the second authority of the tips college of Faisalabad and member of ICAP. He is also a good fellow partner of PIPFA. Honestly working to favor the students and will make them able to brighter their future very easily.

Mr. Zeeshan



He is also a prominent member of ICAP and institute of public finance accountants of Pakistan and working for the benefits of tips college of Faisalabad. He is the man working with the aim to serve for the betterment of careers.


Tips College Celebrating Events

Actually there is a list of events to celebrate and enjoy into the tips college of Faisalabad, it is really each one of the student have great time to spend along with the better studies into our institute. It is fact with the affects of extra circular activities students takes more interest into the studies by refreshing their minds and with enjoying such kind of events.


Address Lecture


Sports Gala

Sports Event

Khana peena

Tips College of Faisalabad Contact Info

To providing ease to our students the location of tips college of Faisalabad is located on the prime location of Faisalabad city now at P-30-B, Saeed Colony No.2, Near Kashmir Bridge, East Canal Road, Faisalabad

Mobile, +92 300 8522017


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