Islamic Names with Urdu Meaning 2018


World is very critical and crucial for us to understand but the Quran is only one big source for us to discover our solutions completely. Learning the good books and Islamic books we can easily find solutions and help to live the life easily. Setting the names to our children is very important, every single person of the world decided names for his kids no matter about his daughter or son. It is also fact names have an impact on the life of which person we decided to apply.

So for the people of the world it is important to decide the name which is suitable and helpful to the pronunciation easily to call and to describe. For the newborn Muslim Kids right according to Islam and all the Islamic Boys names with the meaning, Arabic Boy Names, with the meaning from A to Z are now available here for every person to see and make essay decision. Now here people can find Muslim baby names easily and as alphabetically.

Boy Islamic Name

It is always important for us to settle with the names and their effects of meaning along with us carry throughout all the life. In the Islam one person cannot just randomly select a baby name and Prophet Muhammad had clearly mentioned in the Hadith that on the Day of Judgment people would be called by their and their mother’s name. So it is very important for us and for the Muslims in all around the world to have good and nice names. People can easily decide to have the names by search here for their Baby Boy who is newborn.

  • Aa’eesha

    Life. Vivaciousness. Living. Prosperous. Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Aa’ida

  • Aabid

    Worshipper. Adorer.
  • Aabida

    Worshippess. Adoress.
  • Aadila

    Just. Honest. Equal.
  • Aalamgeer

    Conqueror of the world.
  • Aaleyah

    Exalted. Highest social standing.
  • Aalia

    High. Exalted. Lofty. Sublimity.
  • Aamir

    Populous. Full. Prosperous. Amply settled. Civilized. Also used to refer to a prince or ruler.
  • Aamira

    Well populated.
  • Aaqil

    Intellectual. Wise.
  • Aashiq

    Lover. Fancier.
  • Aasim

    Protector. Guardian.
  • Abbaas

    Early Imam (Leader) of Islam.
  • Abd

    Slave. Servant.
  • Abeer

  • Abid

    Worshipper. Adorer.
  • Abida

    Worshippess. Adoress.
  • Abir


Girls Islamic Name

According to the rules of the Islam we have to decide for the better and easy names for our kids. We also try to decide the name which actually suits them. Now not only for the boys but also for the girls we have the great name selection app on the Google Play store now. There is not particularly required for us to use the whole website and then find out the specific name and then move on with it. Now we can us have the app of name selections which also tells us the meaning and translation of the name in just a single app. It is more easy and fine now for us to have it with few of clicks on our mobile.

Young Girls Islamic Name

Now people can put the young girls Islamic names very easily bridge within such app are the names that you can figure out their data. So as Muslims boys and the girls have some very unique and beautiful names in Arabic English Islamic names, baby names and Islamic names in Urdu translation. For your little new born babies you can get all the required names here very easily. Sometimes it is hard for us to decide the names of girls because they are so many to select and decide.

Young Boys Islamic Name

it is also true that some people also put the names due to numerology predictions and most of the time consider 10 is the lucky number for etc for some particular names. Each and every name has a meaning and so as the all names must be taken to explore the luck and their affection to express the value of the name. Boy baby names and meanings, Arabic and English name dictionary of all names will be here for you with few of click now you can check and decide to put your kids if you thing that is suitable enough.

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