Personalize the Android Apps 2018

Personalizing the apps is just wonderful experience for us and we will make it better and fine for us and for the sake of entertainment. Some best apps are detailed below for you to get them as download and enjoy all these apps very easily. Such these apps are wonderful enough for us and for our routine period to stay updated and well informed about all the little things happing around us.

CM Launcher 3D – Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient App

With the CM Laucher 3D you will be able to use some best themes and new designed icons onto your android mobile. It is fact due to the custom icons and backgrounds there may people get bore some time so that they can use such thing to make them attractive.

Download CM Launcher 3D

 Lively Koi Fish 3D Theme App

It is fact due to some reasons people get bored from wall papers which are installed already in the android smart phone and so as with us also. If we want to change them with the new android themes and background wall papers then Lively Koi Fish 3D Theme is best for us

Download Lively Koi Fish 3D Theme

 Trace Mobile Number in Pakistan App

If you want to trace any kind of mobile number for any reason now is possible for you and you can easily download the Trace Mobile number app now and make access to all your numbers you want to trace them or want to check their locations.

Download Trace Mobile Number in Pakistan

 Emoji Keyboard – Cute Emoji,GIF, Sticker, Emoticon App

Really now there is a great app which is very useful for your mobile and to make your android keyboard very unique and attractive is lovely also. Emoji keybard will make your android mobile very nice and catching.

Download Emoji Keyboard

RainbowKey Keyboard App

For the people who are new and not educated with the new android smart phone apps and rainbowkey keyboard is very useful for us and then it offers tons of the funny GIFs are also very stylish cool font’s keyboards for people to use.

Download RainbowKey Keyboard

 Launcher 10 App

Now the launcher 10 is a very strong and fast for us which are also highly customizable launcher for the android phones. This particular app will also change your home screen to look like the special window device newly.

Download Launcher 10

 Always On AMOLED – BETA App

it is just wonderful for us to keep in views all the time about the date and easily got added an option to view calendar events on the always on display on the mobile to show you the best services of calendar and data apps.

Download Always On AMOLED – BETA

 Flat Style Colored Bars App

It is wonderful for us and really amazing app for us and helpful for us to translate the things we want. It is very useful for translating the description into the English by using Google Translate tools. So you can easily translate anything you want.

Download Flat Style Colored Bars

 S.Graph: Calendar clock widget App

For the change of new designed and attractive background wallpapers now the S.Graph has no other particular comparison. It is helpful as showing the time planner that visually displays a list of the cases and events for tasks.

Download S.Graph: Calendar clock widget

 Weather wallpaper HD App

For staying update to the weather information and details of surroundings atmosphere we will make our android phone very special now. It is free for us to know all the weather updates and repots according to your locations.

Download Weather wallpaper HD

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