Top 15 Education Apps

If we want some good and important tools in our life so that there are lots of tools are here for us and now we are going to explore things into the shape of apps. These are not the just apps these are the amazing tools which have just make our lives and us helpful and proud full in any problem and in any case. From buying things to earnings we can have anything from such apps in the world very easy and free of cost.

U-Dictionary: Best English Learning Dictionary

Now everyone is depending the things is life sake now and if we want to improve our language and vocabulary is requirement and need. With this app now you can just copy the words, phrases or the sentences within any of the language related and get instant translation in you language.

Learn English Speaking

If you love to English speaking in the native language Urdu or some other than for the quick understanding now there is a great app for you. People who really want to speak English fluently but do not know some of the good and basic of English is good. If this case you do not get to worry about and now this app particularly contains the needs and demands to learn English.

English Urdu Dictionary FREE

If you are studying in the college or in any of the class then English is the most important thing for you to understand. Now this app will provide you to make strong our language completely and gives help to communicate well. You can also say its English and Hindi dictionary so that now the Pakistani and Hindi vocabulary.

Quran with Urdu Translation

Performing the religious actions we are very keen about them and now for those people who did not have sufficient time to read or listening the Quran. This app will make them to hear and listen the hole Quran now the Urdu Quran is very smart android app and intended for people who are Urdu speaking.

Hello English: Learn English

Now it is very easy for us if we love English langue and want to speak. Now learn spoken English and grammar for Hindi, Urdu, Thai, Arabic, Malay and Bangladeshi languages. Hello English by is the number one app for us and very wonderful too.

English Urdu Dictionary

We may have lots of apps for us including the dictionaries, but we are going to have now the wonderful app which is helpful for us if we want some kind of auto correction and vocabulary aspects. Are you studying English and if you want to get the real meanings in real Urdu font are good.


General Knowledge Urdu for All

Now there is great need of the General Knowledge for all of us and if we are students then the need will raise double. It is best app for us if we really want to improve our vocabulary and meaning of translation words.

6 Kalma with Audio (Mp3)

Islam is our heart and soul so that if we want to make our children and kids to be religious just like us so then 6 Kalma with Audio (Mp3) is one of the best app for us. There is very clean and clear audio words are recorded for us and we will really appreciate it.


There are lots of vides available for us and we may conscious about them so that skippy is one of the great apps that is designed particularly for showing the informative and knowledgeable videos for us. Having trouble concentration during the youtube lectures and TED talks or any other related things.

Quran in Urdu Translation MP3 with Audio Tafsir

People who want to hear the Urdu translation and audio recitation with the clear sounds and voices effects this app is just beautiful. Now it is best for us and specially developed app for Muslims who love to read and recites Holly Quran.


English to Urdu Dictionary

You can have various options in lots of dictionary apps for the help and support of your language and vocabulary. So unlike the other dictionaries it has just a great database of translations with the exact and proper utilizing and then lots meanings of the phrases and words.

Learn Spoken English with Urdu – Urdu to English

It is fact most of the students want to speak English but they cannot perform pronunciation accurately. It is very easy now as learning spoken English in Urdu so that also best for the students of all classes. It is best for the Urdu speaking people or for non native persons.

New Mobile Codes (Complete Codes Book)

We have lots of apps for using to secure our mobile data so that New Mobile Codes (Complete Codes Book) is one of the most helpful apps for us which are very effecting to secure the mobile data completely. With this app it is going to be a very comfortable atmosphere for the mobile users.


Kids Urdu Poems

No more difficult for us to make our kids and children intelligent only because of the kids Urdu poems app for us. For best Urdu poems and short stories are just selected and included with the animations and cartoon pictures.

Learn Chinese Language in Urdu

For learning the high valuable languages is not more difficult for us, so as about learning the Chinese language for us. It is best app for us and there are various other basic further tools and for the beginners as well as new speakers using the perfect Chinese pinyin.

Best Latest Easy Urdu Keyboard Top Urdu Apps

People who are trying to learn the different typing languages so then Best Latest Easy Urdu Keyboard Top Urdu Apps are very useful for us and there is need of it basically. If we got skills to perform such helpful apps we will definitely get success.

Nimaz e Janaza

People who are not having some troubles to recite the Nimaz E Janaza then this particular app are going to be best for them. It is very nice and effective so that you can easily read it to pay attention and best wishing prayers on last time.

Urdu to English

For making your communication strong and effective by communicating, it is very essential way for us to understand a thing which we are describing into this app. It is best for multitasking as it is good for us to remember the meanings and vocabulary and sentences also.

English Tenses in Urdu

Learning of English is essential for us so that English tenses in Urdu is an android app so that it is helpful for us as it teaches to facilitate such people who want from basic English tenses. It is helpful for us for the sake of grammar, vocabulary use of speech and for coordination.

Learn English Speaking in Urdu Language

It is important for us to learn the English but also we have to think about translation of other languages in Urdu, and the origin of words and their impacts. This particular thing and such all things are easily available here in this app.

Nani Teri Morni: offline video

It is fact several of the poems are famous enough that each and every kid want to sing whole the day once he heard. Same as with the Nani Teri Morni: offline video app and have lots of best poem very easily on your android smart phone.

Complete Namaz Ka Tarika

This app is belong to all of the necessary things which are essential for us to understand and must remember in our lives. It is good for us about learning such things and for the people who are not having information about Islamic Religion Problems and confusions; completely this app will help and support them easily.

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