How to Leave WordPress Website free for Anyone To Publish Article

WordPress is one of the most popular free designed for developer and the person also who wants to install wordpress on his website. One of the most important Question how can leave wordpress installed website free for anyone who loves to post free on our site read some solid tips such as.

Tips to Leave Website Free

1 – First login on your website.

2 – Click on Setting option.

3 – You will see general option so click on it.

4 – You will see (anyone can register) option so tick on it and select author option

5 – After that click on save option, in this way, anyone can post free on your site easily.

Questions and Answers

There are some people who have some questions in thier minds so read,

Q1 – I want to approve article on my site if someone post – not publish post instedly.

Answer – Only click on setting after login on your site, you will see general option so click on it. If you want to set website as contributor, you click on (anyone register) and set as contributor.

Q2 – How can set second administrator on my website.

Answer – Click on anyone register and select Administrator and click on save changes.

 Q3 – How can make anyone editor on my wordpress site.

Answer – Click on (anyone register) and select on Editor and save changes.

Notes – You can do as we write so do not worry it is very easy steps for you. If you still do not understand only contact on our site we will give you more information on it.

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