How to Hide Apps on Android


Android Device Manager

As with the hop you can never need to utilize in the life and Android has a great native tool and app to help locate and remote the wipe a lot of good and effective a lost or stolen phone. Such thing about Android Device Manager and all you need is a thing about Google Account to set it up on your android set. We will get best tips for using our android technology tips right here,

New and Improved Android Device Manager

Installing Android Device Manager

Getting Sign in to the Android Device Manager

Locking or ringing your Android over the internet

Wiping a android phone gone forever

Such thing like the apps and android devices are very important for us if we want to secure our data and files which are necessary. For the sake of good quality networking and sharing the files once t hat it completed and you can fire up the app and ret it activated and started. For this sake you could be in need to find the Device administrator setting under the security.

How to Hide Apps on Android

For the way of getting hide your apps you have to get the strong software first of all then follow instructions below as using the software app hiding

Opening the Google Play Store from your android phone

Searching for magnifying glass icon

Type in third party launcher names

Tap on OK or Go

Review Your Search Results

Tap your selected app

Tap on Install or Buy

Tap Accept if Prompted

Tap on Open Button

Follow app on Screen Instructions

Closing App Launcher

So with all these features to arrange in a particular sequel will be helpful for us and direct relief is a humanitarian nonprofit and with a particular mission for the improvement the health and lives of people to work easily.

For hiding process of different android apps we have to keep in mind the particular way and method which is related to android smart phone apps to easily. You will get a short summary here about the apps to get hide

  1. Opening the setting app

Then tap on the applications and then

  1. Tap application manger

After that

  1. Tap on the all Tab

And then

  1. Tap on the app

Which you want to hide and

  1. Select disable them easily


How to Stop a Download on Android

It is fact most of the time we found things are being download automatically into our android mobile phones. Most of the times we get apps which are incomplete so that they use to get start when these are connected to the internet or when we turn on our wifi connection. It may possible when we start our mobile data connection on. We are describing here some important tools for you to get rid from this situation

Searching into the Mobile Internet Browser

Get the File to download in android phone

Download the file

Swipe Down From the Top of Screen

Tap on the Pause Button

Tap on the Cancel Tag

Easy Ways to Stopping an App Download

First of all open the Play Store on Android app

Select the app need to download

Tap on the green INSTALL button

Tap on the X icon

Now you will find here a very unique and easy method for your apps to control nicely and it is rather different method that clears the data for the information stored by your apps and for your android mobile set.


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