Most Important SEO Question Which Any New Learner Must Know

Q1 – What is The Meaning Of SEO

SEO is Stand for Search Engine Optimization and in other words, it is website ranking improvement with the use of SEO Tools.

Q2 – How Can Improve Website Ranking

It is very important Q because untrainer SEO specialist do not know the answer. Its Answer is,

1 – You have to do good DA do-follow link with your website related.

2 – You must do Social bookmarking before taken do-follow links.

3 – Get free backlinks as guest posting, submit directory, comment posting etc.

Q3 – What is the Cost of SEO

3rd Q is what is the cost of website ranking improvement so you can only guide your client if you have good experience on it because experience will let you know the how much time consume, and how much money you will spend to complete your client order. Get training first then work for clients.

Q4 – DO you Know Off Page SEO

Offpage SEO is the most important part and always your client can ask from you so you must know about the how to set following things in site,

1 – Good Title Must be Post in Each Page.

2 – Description must be unique and quality.

3 – Keywords must be good in article.

4 – Article must be unique and fresh with 600 words.

Q5 – How Can Get Visitors

After writing a unique articles but it must be informative not general article. You must share on all social media such as facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest and weebly which will provide your website good visitors. You have to create also video about your website which should be interesting.

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