Does SEO Depend on Content in 2018 – Best Points

Importance of Content

Content is one of the most important part of SEO and lots of bloggers ignore this important factor due to their low money, bad English and some more factors also. We are posting some tips for quality content which you must follow,

Features of Content

1 – Your article must be unique and fresh.

2 – English must be Native or USA.

3 – DO not copy any line from other person article or website.

4 – Must use some keywords in article for google search point of view.

5 – Don’t use over keywords in article which will make content fake.

More Features of Quality Content

Effect of Spun Article

Some people do not have good English and also short of money which encourage to spun articles. There are lots of bad effect on search engine ranking of your website when you use spun article see below,

1 – Some time spun article not index in google or other search engine also.

2 – Spun article will not get rank in google because of google quality has improved.

3 – When you spun article, all words changed into other words which has decreased the value of content in case of reading.

4 – You can not use your own keywords in spun articles but only can protect old keywords.

5 – Low level of education brings low level English in your content so get higher education in English subject to write content.

IS SEO Depend on Content?

SEO is work for improving the ranking of your website but low level of content will not involve in ranking so all working hard will be waste. You can read the effect of Bad content,

1 – When you get good DA backlinks related to your website but content is low it mean you website will not get ranked in google.

2 – You have to do lots of bookmarking and directory submission but all in vain due to spun or bad information related article.

3 – Both Onpage and Offpage SEO will not work if you have posted spun article on your site.

Note – All above 3 points show you how important content is in SEO working for your website.

Which 2 Points Can Make Your Content Good

Good content is called king of SEO in 2018 because of google quality and aim of it to provides good information to their visitors. Read 2 main points which will make your content good,

1 – Always write content according to your visitors which they want and also want to search.

2 – Do not copy other websites heading, title and materiel which you will used in your article or content. Do not write on topic which you have not good information on it.

Which Types of Content Improve Your Website Ranking

In my personal experience, I saw lots of people copy content or write original content from USA or UK based story and ignore their country which cause they fail in ranking so always write first according to their country then on other countries if you have solid and unique information.

Result – Target your country latest information and story.

Final Words

Note – Do not Relay on SEO only without good content because it is waste of time and money.

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