How to Block a Number on Android Mobile 2018

Block A Number on Different Android Mobile Phones

There are lots of mobiles which are developing android mobile but different mobile different types of system to block a number on android mobile so check our following information how to block a number on Samsung android mobile.

Tips to Block Number on Samsung Android Mobile

1 – On android mobile phone.

2 – Open Android mobile app it will be on home screen.

3 – You must type which will be right corner on your mobile phone and one more thing – Doing so prompts a drop-down menu.

5 – You must got to drop down menu which is on the bottom and type setting.

6 – You will see the “CALL SETTING” and you also will see behind it Block Numbers.

7 – You will add a number and type you want to block this number.

8 – After that you will type Done button and it will be on the keypad at the bottom of the screen.

Tips to Block Number Pixel or Nexus Phones

Tips to Block Number LG Phones


How to Block Calls on an Android Smartphone by Video

Call Block

If you want to block a call it is very easy so you do not worry only watch video about block a call at

Number Block

If you want to see video for blocking number then click at

Note – If you want more information about block a number because of your other android mobile phone then go to wiki-how and solve your problem.

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