How to Use Emoji on Android 6.0.1 Version

Emoji is one of the best system for describe your emotion that;s why it is called emoji so lots of people want to use it but they do not know how can use it or which android system can help to use emoji.

Before Using Emoji, You Must Know Your Android Version

1 – On your android mobile.

2 – Open you setting menu but on some other devices you have to open system option.

3 – Type About  and you can also say it “about phone” or “about tablet.”

4 – Now you can check your android version.

Which Types of Google Keyboard With Different Android Version Use?

There are some types of version in android mobiles which use different google keyboard system such as,

Android 4.4 – 7.1+ – It support your google keyboard to add emoji in your massage box.

Android 4.3 – In this version iWnn IME keyboard is used for black and which emoji in your massage box but if you want different colors, you have to download third party keyboard.

Android 4.1 – 4.2 – In this version, you can use only third party keyboard to use emoji system.

Android 2.3 and also before it –  you can not use emoji and also not use third party keyboard in it.

Tips to Install Google keyboard

If you do not know how to use google keyboard follow our tips which are very easy to understand for you,

1 – Open google play store and type google paly in bar.

Image – googleplay

2 – Type google keyboard or gboard and you will see google keyboard in list

3 – you have to click on Install button.

4 – Click on accept button.

5 – you google keyboard will be install and you have to wait for fully install.

How to Use Google Keyboard for Emoji

1 – open setting system on your android mobile.

2 – You will see personal or personal category option.

3 – You have to press “language & Input.”

4 – Type default in keyboard and input option.

5 – Type google keyboard which you will see in your messaging.

6 – Open your keyboard you will see arrow in the bottom of right side.

7 – When you will press and hold the arrow button , you will see pop up or emoji on your finger.

8 – Click on you smile option and release it so you will see in your message box.

9 –You can also see different kind of emoji if you type category.

10 – You can write your message and click on emoji smile message related to your message and send it.

Note – Emoji describe your words which you want to use in your message so its use is easy and important for you.

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