New Google Search Console 2018

New Google Search Console Coming 2018

Google has announced in 8th January new google search console with the latest features such Search Performance, Index Coverage, AMP status and Job posting reports but it will used only verified users not non verified users can use it.

Relationship Between Webmaster and Google

New google search console is the true relationship between google and website owner and if any webmaster feel some problem in page index he will solve same time and re-index his site, will soon index because google will let know the problem of your page.

Both Old and New Version in Action

Google will provide the features of used of old and new version and any person can used both version old and new but in new version google will add new features and will make google console more and more powerful. Google search console will let you know the what is the issue in your website and you can solve it easily after recognized by the google.

Imaging Search Performance Report of Your Website

Google search console is similler to search google analytic report but google search console will let you know the 16 month report such as,

1 – You will see your website click impression.

2 – CTR and average position of your website.

3 – Also let you know the how many time your website images search with which keywords.

4 – You website search with what keywords used for this purpose also.

5 – How many time your videos search and also let you know with keywords searched.

6 – Everything search in which country and also let you know the device too.

Website Index Report

New Google search console will let you know the how well google is indexing your website and if you website page is not index, it will let you know the issue of your page which will be good for you to solve fast.

AMP status report

AMP status report will let you know the error in URL and also give your instruction to solve your problem. When your AMP url error solved, google will let you confirmed your AMP URL is fixed.

Job Posting report

It is very good report and will let your job listing result of your website, index issue and how to solve indexing problem.

Note – New google search console is a very good in features and it will give website more exposure. Google is demanding appreciation from all website owner and want to take comments from them.

My Opinion

I am really impress with new google search console which will make website more in ranking and will solve all issue in website.


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