Road Accident Essay for 10th Class

Usually the accidents or the mishaps keep happening every day and every now and then in our lives. Some kind of the mishaps are unnoticeable or are an irritation, others get some serious and unavoidable.

I am describing my personal experience with the accident, sometime in the morning I take my school bus from the stand which is near to a crossing. One day as usually I was waiting for my school bus when this accident occurred. One bus crossed the amber light just as it turned red.

Traffic police officer on duty blew his whistle loudly but the driver of buss did not stop. Traffic on the side roads had begun to move and one boy riding a motorbike seemed to be in the great hurry. He moved ahead of all the other vehicles with an unexpected start. So in this move he did not notice actually. The speeding bus and before he could apply the brakes the bust hit him badly. So with a jerk the boy was thrown into the air before he fell on road.

Helmet of his hadn’t fastened come off so his head hit the ground and he lay still. Motorbike was pulled to a distance by the bus right before it stopped. Screams and the shouts filled the air for a moment and traffic officer dashed towards the bus driver. Lots of people including the passersby gathered around the boy no one dared to touch him as he lay in the pool of blood puffed for air.

Fortunately the police squad in their Van who were close behind in the moving traffic comes to rescue. They called for an ambulance over their wireless and cleared away the gathered crowed. So the ambulance comes surprisingly soon but unfortunately the boy had already breathed his final.

Some bus passengers who suffered minor injuries were giving a quick first aid and the boy was taken away by the ambulance. So the bus driver was arrested and the traffic was help up for more than an hour. My school bus was nowhere in sight and I decided to return back home sadly.

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