How can Build Links and Types

What is link building and how can create backlinks is one of the most important question in SEO learning.  There are some way which you can used for getting free links and some ways are for paid links building.

Definition of Link Building

Increasing of your website back links on other sites called link build.” If your back links increase your website ranking and quality increased so see how can increase back links with free and paid.

Types of Backlinks Building

There are two types of back links build such as free back links and paid back links see the free backlinks building tips,

How can Create Free Back links (Backlinks Types)

There are 2 types of free backlinks building such as,

3 Way links Exchange

3 way of link exchange is one of the most important part of free links exchange system see the example of 3 way links exchange building.

If you have 2 websites one website is company and second website is only for personal use so you can send your personal website to other person and tell him do you need link on my site and he like your site and also show you his site which you liked so you send him your company website detail for post on his site and he send his site detail to your personal website When all procedure completed called 3 way links exchanged.

2 Way Links Exchange

It is very simple of free backlinks exchanged system which will increased your links building volume very fast. If you have one site and send to invite other person to check your site and let him know if you need post on my site then show me your site when he send to you and you liked send him your website detail and other person also will send you his detail so you will post on your site and he will also do the same called 2 way links exchanged.

Paid Links Building

Free links building is very good way of back links increasing system but in this system, you can not get good back links so paid links system fulfill your requirement and will help your website to increase ranking very soon.

Example – if you like other person site good and let him to post your link on his site and he complete this procedure, you will pay him for this task called paid links building.

Do-follow links

Do-follow link is the link which google keep in record as a your back link but on the other hands, you can say website owner tell the google keep this link legal in your record.

No-follow Links

The link which is not in google record as back link called no-follow link because website owner instruct google to do not keep this link as record.

Note – Both free and paid links building system used for increasing website ranking in google but avoid to buy lots of paid links because google do not like this system and it want your website ranking naturally.

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