Top Sites of the World in 2018

The sites which are on google top position and all over the world know all sites are on top position due to visitors point of view so we are giving these sites position according to our knowledge you have to only judge is it correct.

Top Websites of the World According to Visitors Am I Right?

1 –

FB is one of the leading website because of visitors. It example if in Pakistan and India it is more popular the other site like google and yahoo. If any person do not know how to run PC but it always demand can you make my account of FB. I always confused how he know about FB so it shows its popularity and i have giving NO -1 position which is accurate.

2 –

Google is one of the leading search engine but it has second position according to visitors point of view. All over the world depend on google and work according to google but it is not equal to fb visitors still. I have given google NO 2 position which is deserved.

3 –

I am confused about its 3rd position and google second position but youtube is becoming more and more popular in all over the world due to its video services and also all TV channel upload their shows on it which is making youtube nomber 3 position soon it will be on NO1 position.

4 –

It is second leading search engine which is more popular in UK and USA rather then in Pakistan and India or other Asian countries. Yahoo is still popular due to its messenger and regular information posting on its site. We have given NO 4 position due to visitors point of view.

5 –

It is basically encyclopedia which has lots of information about all category such as health, politician, technology, education and more.People get knowledge from it and share with others so we are giving it NO 5th position may be we are wrong.

 Other Tops Websites of the World in 2018

We are managing for you other top websites which are very much famous in all over the world see list below.

6 –
7 –
8 –
9 –

List of websites

Site Domain Alexa top 100 global websites
(As of Jun, 2018)[3]
SimilarWeb top 100 websites
(As of May 2017)[4]

Principal country
Google 1 1 Internet services and products United States U.S.
YouTube 2 3 Video sharing United States U.S.
Facebook 3 2 Social network United States U.S.
Baidu 4 11 Search engine China China
Wikipedia 5 5 Encyclopedia United States U.S.
Yahoo! 6 4 Portal and media United States U.S.
Google India 7 8 Search engine India India
Reddit 8 27 Social news and entertainment United States U.S.
Tencent QQ 9 36 Portal China China
Taobao 10 65 Online shopping China China
Amazon 11 14 E-commerce and cloud computing United States U.S.
Tmall 12 74 Online shopping China China
Twitter 13 6 Social network United States U.S.
Google Japan 14 20 Search engine Japan Japan
Sohu 15 204 Portal China China
Windows Live 16 7 Software plus services United States U.S.
VK 17 12 Social network Russia Russia
Instagram 18 15 Photo sharing and social media United States U.S.
Sina Corp 19 110 Portal and instant messaging China China
360 Safeguard 20 85 Internet security software China China
Google Germany 21 17 Search engine GermanyGermany
Jingdong Mall 22 96 E-commerce China China
Google UK 23 10 Search engine United Kingdom UK
LinkedIn 24 41 Professional Social network United States U.S.
Sina Weibo 25 81 Social network China China
Google France 26 19 Search engine France France
Google Russia 27 23 Search engine Russia Russia
Google Brazil 28 8 Search engine Brazil Brazil
Yahoo! Japan 29 26 Portal Japan Japan
Yandex 30 13 Internet services and products Russia Russia
Netflix 31 18 Streaming TV and movies United States U.S. 32 78 URL shortening for links on Twitter United States U.S.
Google Hong Kong 33 138 Search engine Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hao123 34 180 Web directories China China
Imgur 35 57 Image sharing United States U.S.
Google Italy 36 29 Search engine Italy Italy
eBay 37 32 Online auctions and shopping United States U.S.
Canada Canada
Google Spain 39 35 Search engine Spain Spain
Tmall 40 N/A[notes 1] Online shopping China China 41 43 Blogging and social media websites United States U.S.
MSN 42 33 Portal United States U.S.
AliExpress 43 49 Online shopping China China
Bing 44 40 Search engine United States U.S.
Tumblr 45 44 Social media United States U.S.
Google Canada 46 25 Search engine Canada Canada
United States U.S.
Microsoft 48 47 Software and technology United States U.S.
Stack Overflow 49 93 Question and answer site United States U.S.
Twitch 50 76 Streaming primarily video games United States U.S. 51 98,882 Search engine China China
Blogspot 52 450,370 Blogging United States U.S.
Amazon Japan 53 71 E-commerce Japan Japan
Odnoklassniki 54 28 Social Networking Russia Russia
Google Mexico 55 30 Search Engine Mexico Mexico
Apple Inc. 56 67 Technology and software United States U.S.
Naver 57 59 Portal South Korea Korea 58 16 Portal Russia Russia
IMDb 59 51 FilmTV show, and video game database United States U.S.
PopAds 60 N/A[notes 1] Pop-up advertising Costa Rica Costa Rica
Tianya Club 61 730 Internet forum China China
Microsoft Office 62 48 Online office suite United States U.S.
Google Korea 63 177 Search Engine South Korea Korea
GitHub 64 74 Source code hosting service United States U.S.
Pinterest 65 39 Social media United States U.S.
PayPal 66 64 Payment system United States U.S.
Diply 67 588 Entertainment Canada Canada
Google Taiwan 68 81 Search engine Taiwan Taiwan
Google Turkey 69 22 Search engine Turkey Turkey
Google Australia 70 42 Search Engine AustraliaAustralia
Amazon Germany 72 75 E-commerce GermanyGermany
Google Indonesia 73 38 Search engine IndonesiaIndonesia
Microsoft Online Services 74 60 Software as a service United States U.S.
Onclckds 75 N/A[notes 1] Online advertisingnetwork United States U.S.
Amazon UK 76 76 E-commerce United Kingdom UK
United States U.S.
Adobe Systems 78 94 Software United States U.S.
Wikia 79 66 Wikis United States U.S.
CNZZ 80 42,424 Web traffic statistics China China
United States U.S.
Cốc Cốc 82 342 Search engine and web browser VietnamVietnam
Russia Russia
FC2 84 82 Portal Japan Japan
Pixnet 85 322 Social networkphoto sharingblogging Taiwan Taiwan
Google Poland 86 37 Search engine Poland Poland
Dropbox 87 72 File hosting service United States U.S.
Google file storage 88 N/A[notes 1] File hosting service United States U.S.
Guangming Daily 89 15,520 Newspaper China China
WhatsApp 91 34 Instant messaging United States U.S.
Google Egypt 93 87 Search engine Egypt Egypt
Google Thailand 94 62 Search engine ThailandThailand
Google Saudi Arabia 95 N/A[notes 1] Search engine Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Amazon India 98 121 E-commerce India India
Google Argentina 101 53 Search engine ArgentinaArgentina
BBC 104 55 UK public broadcasting United Kingdom UK
Craigslist 105 52 Classified advertising United States U.S.
BBC Online 109 89 Global News United Kingdom UK
Soundcloud 112 94 Streaming media United States U.S.
Google Netherlands 113 54 Search engine NetherlandsNetherlands
France France 123 73 Booking engine NetherlandsNetherlands
Rakuten 124 83 E-commerce Japan Japan
New York Times 127 80 Newspaper United States U.S.
Alibaba Group 129 66 E-commerce and Portal China China
Bet365 126 84 Online gambling United Kingdom U.K.
eBay UK 139 83 E-commerce United Kingdom U.K.
Quora 140 89 Question and answer site United States U.S.
Avito 148 98 E-commerce Russia Russia
Google Vietnam 152 45 Search engine VietnamVietnam
Daily Mail 162 86 Tabloid news United Kingdom U.K.
Grupo Globo 163 56 Search engine Brazil Brazil
Google Philippines 164 78 Search engine  Philippines
Google Colombia 169 70 Search engine ColombiaColombia
Universo Online 170 68 Portal Brazil Brazil
Google Ukraine 181 63 Search engine Ukraine Ukraine
Nicovideo 188 88 Video sharing Japan Japan
Walmart 214 95 Retail stores and e-commerce United States U.S.
United States U.S.
Go2Cloud 242 73 Cloud computing India India
AccuWeather 372 77 Weather forecasting United States U.S.
Samsung 396 82 Technology South Korea Korea
Yahoo! Answers N/A[notes 2] 67 Question and answer site United States U.S.
Yahoo! News Japan N/A[notes 2] 79 News Japan Japan
Google News N/A[notes 2] 92 News United States U.S.


Note – All websites are taken from google so use websites for good purpose do not use for bad purpose because we will not responsible for bad act.


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