How to Use Microsoft Excel 2008

Importance of Microsoft Excel  In 2018

Microsoft Excel is one of the important part of MS office and it is most use for the +, -, * and etc or you can say, it is the collection of nomber counting.

Benefits of Microsoft Excel

There are lots of benefit of ME because it is used in all depart of Govt or any private sectors which people use, laptop, PC and tablet. Read some benefits of ME,

1 – You can write nombers and plus easily on it.

2 – It is mostly used on oracle because oracle software is based on ME.

3 – Any low little shop holder can keep record his daily income easily in ME.

4 – You can minus or multiply any figure easily.

How to Save File Of Microsoft Excel

1 – Click on Start menu which is on left below corner.

2 – You will see Microsoft excel and click on it.

3 – After click on it, you will click on Microsoft excel and it will be open.

4 – first you have to save it after click on “Control + S” or right click and push button on “save” and it will ask for where you want to save this file.

5 – Select one place from left corner like desktop and write your file name like sthint and click on save button.

6 – now your file has saved on desktop with sthint name. Open this file and start typing on it what you want.

Or see how can save file with pictures click on –

How to Use Microsoft Excel 2008

Microsoft Excel used is very simple and easy for anyone so we can give you simple instruction which you will see your problem will be solve.

Use of Font and Color

1 – You can use font, color very easy only select your nombers and click on font 11, or 12 or which you want, your nomber font will be increased. You can select your nombers and click on color “A” and select any color.

How can Increase Box

You can put something like website adress in box and website adress is big so you can increase your box after keep your mouse on top of the box when your mouse show (X) option then keep your finger press and expend as you want and uplift your finger when you feel it is ok.

See what i want to say to u, your website in A box now

How Can Use Filter Option

There are lots of people do not know how to use filter option so read how to use it is very simple and easy.

1 – First type words in 4 box like

website name DA PA


2 – Keep your mouse on 1 and press so this action will selection all your 4 box and after click on (short and filter) and press on filter option. All process will be in filter shape check below image,

Effect after click on filter button,

You can see some button start of the each name we mention it is filter button if you want to select each type of name click on name button, it will show you what you only click on name, it will occur date about your selected name.

Note – filter option is very easy to use for new Microsoft Excel users and it is used mostly by paid blogs because they used websites along with DA and PA.

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