The Cat and the Fox

This particular story is about The Cat and The Fox. Now the story tell us about things which we should particularly apply to our life and make it easy to living in it. Fact is that stories are always important for us to make the solutions for our problems in the life and to give others as the examples. Lessons of the stories are always are beneficial to get information and suggestion to get ease in the life. it is always beneficial to get control over the problems and make them sorted well.

We are giving solution to the students of all classes and we will make them comfortable on the results and will also support them to get higher marks by reading and writing about our stories. We are using very simple sentences and easy words for students to memorize very easily so to write in the examination comfortably.

Story Starts from here

A cat and a fox were once discussing about hounds. The cat said, “I hate hounds. They are very nasty animals. They hunt and kill us”. The fox said, “I hate hounds more than you”. The cat asked, “How do you save yourself from hounds?”  The fox replied, “There are many tricks to get away from hounds”.

The cat asked “Can you say what your tricks are? They are very simple”, said the fox. He added, “I can hide behind thick bushes. I can run along thorny hedges. I can hide in burrows. There are many more such tricks”. Now it was the turn of the fox to ask the cat about her tricks.

The fox asked, “How many tricks do you know? The cat replied, “I know just one trick”. The Fox sneered, “Oh! How sad! You know only one trick? What is your trick? The cat was about to answer. But, she found a flock of hounds’ fast approach. She said, “I am going to do it now, because the hounds are coming”.

Saying these words, the cat ran up a nearby tree safe from the hounds. The fox tried all his tricks but the hounds out beat him. “My one trick is better than all his tricks”, said the cat to her.

MORAL: It is better to be a master of one art than to be a jack of many arts.

Important Note:- Do not use our stories without the permission of your teachers and Professors.

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