The Snake and the Ants Story


This particular story is really proving a big lesson which is about we should never make pride in anything. It will be really bad at us and for our future also. As just the other lessons and from the moral stories we can get lots of life making tips. Stories should not be ignored and neither their morals. Very easy now for the students to get higher marks by using our stories to memorize and to take some advantages of learning.

Story Introduction:-

Now the story we are detailing here is all about the pride and falling on other due to the pride, it is about a big snake and about the little ants who have a faith believe. Here is also a great lesson for us which that we should not make pride in our life and also like the ants we should have a faith in ourselves to do the impossible things. With our firm believe and faith it is guarantee impossible things will be possible for you.

Story Starts from here

Once upon a time there lived a Snake in a small hole. When he was small he ate little creatures. As he grew up he began to eat eggs, lizards, frogs and rabbits. And when he grew up further he started to eat even other smaller snakes. His pride grew with him.

All small animals began to fear the Snake. This boosted up his pride. He began to think “Now I am the most powerful creature. I am the king of the forest. All animals fear me. Let me move from this small hole to a bigger place”.

He searched for a place to suit his size and status. Finally he came across a big tree. He selected the tree for his house. He saw an ant hill near the tree.

He thought “Why should there be an ugly ant hill near my royal house?” He hissed aloud “I am Snake, the king of the forest. I order the ants to vacate immediately”. There was no reply. He got wild and struck at the ant hill.

What a revelation! In a minute thousand of ants swarmed with the Snake biting him everywhere. The Snake could not bear the pain. He ran away and disappears.

MORAL: Always Pride Goes Before Fall.

Note:- Never write down the stories without the permission of Teachers, Professors.

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