The Farmer and the Sparrow Story

If we want to learn some kind of easy lessons and morals for our lives then we have best stories. So now here is detailed a story about the unity and strength of the unity. Lesson is all about being unite to get success. Same like the story we are detailed here is all about the unity of sparrows. Due to the unity of sparrows they got success.

Story Introduction: – it is a beautiful story about the farmer and the sparrows, it is about the self confidence and self believe for working to achieve a goal. If you think to get a thing you will do that but if you think to do things by the other it may not be possible.

Story Starts from here:-

There was a farmer. He worked from dawn to dusk in his field.

Amidst the crops in the field, a sparrow had built a nest. She roosted in the nest. She got two children. The little sparrows lived with their mother happily. Days passed by. And the harvesting season fasts approached. The corns were ripe. And everywhere people started their harvests.

The little sparrows said to their mother, “Mummy! We will have to fly away”. The mother sparrow replied, “Not so soon babies! The farmer is not ready. One day, they heard the farmer saying “I must call my neighbor and make them do the harvest.”

The little sparrows said, “Mummy, tonight we shall fly away.” The mother said, “Not so soon babies. The farmer won’t make it.” The words of the mother came true. The neighbors did not turn up the next day.

The farmer was heard saying, “I will call my relatives and make them do the harvest”. This time also the little ones wanted to flyaway. But the mother asked them to relax. Once again, the words of the mother came true.

Now, they heard the farmer saying “Tomorrow I will do the harvest myself’. On hearing these words, the mother said, “Come my children. It is time for us to leave this field”.

MORAL: Moral Is That Self-help is always respected

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