RSS Feed Websites List 2018

What is RSS Feed and Its Importance

There is great importance of RSS feed on the SEO and also in the web market. Now you have likely to see the basic and important factor in the website promotion. Basically it is stands for the phrase Really Simple Syndication. This is about a thing if a user gives a simple click to the particular orange and the White RSS icon.

RSS button can easily lead to subscribe to the original content that is importantly said particularly medium publishes and mainly allowing the people to view any kind of the clips, videos and blog posts, articles and short posts. As in to the addition if the RSS Feed that someone subscribes to is to cutting it with the anymore and all it takes is one simple click of the mouse or also to unsubscribe easily.

What is an RSS feed reader?

We have detailed briefly below about the importance of RSS feed Reader and their value of the SEO prospect. In this action all you need to do is that to choose an RSS Reader that is easily fits your style and use it to subscribe to the RSS feed. Main thing is that reader will actually automatically pull recently updated posts of different sites that you can read directly.

Now see the details of getting about the importance of your website quality and compatibility it are compulsory and important to get more traffic.


  • Feedly
  • Digg Reader
  • NewsBlur
  • Inoreader
  • The Old Reader
  • Feeder


What is an URL of an RSS feed?

Basically the URL of RSS is a particular address and no matter what the web browser you are using is to look at the HTML source of the website page. It is also necessary and important to find out the exact location and how you view it in your web browser will differ, be but in the various browsers.

What is an RSS feed on a blog?

Actually it is very easy and simple RSS allowed the publishers to automatically syndicate their content so that people can read it into their mails, Feed reader or inbox and also on the devices.

RSS is generally a structured XML document that includes full or summarized text along with the other metadata like he published date author names etc.

What is an RSS feed and how does it work?

RSS is generally very demanding and liked by the people who are in the business of SEO and website promotion. It is a particular way to easily distribute a list of headlines and update notices and sometimes content of a large number of the people in the world.

It is working to solve the future issues related to solve promotional issues and distribute a list of headlines, updating the notices and some of the times content to the other websites and blogs.

It is obviously a better way to be notified of new and changed content. So the notification of changes of multiple blogs and websites are handled very easily.

RSS Feed Websites List

Now the RSS work by having the website author maintains a list of notifications of their blogs and websites in a usual way. Particularly this list of the notifications is called the RSS FEED and people that are interested in getting out the latest headlines or may change can check our list of their promotion.

1 –

2 –

3 –

Note – All above sites are related to RSS so check and used for purpose.



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