The little lamb and Wolf Short Story

If we want to get stories for entertainment then we have lots of interesting and beautiful stories for you. We also have great stories for school students and also for the students of universities. It is fact we have written all the stories in very simple language and easy sentences for students.

Students should also get some particular lessons from the stories and should also implement them on their real lives. It is fact that most of the students only memorize the stories for writing down in the examination. So they usually forget stories after the examination and move on to the other stories or for the syllabus.

Story Introduction

This particular story is about the innocence of a little lamb and about the cruel wolf. It is also about the thinking of bad wolf that climbed over the lamb and eat him up very badly. Overall lamb was innocent and little enough to fight against his life.

Story Starts from here,

Once upon a time there was a beautiful jungle. There lives a beautiful sheep with her cute little lamb. One day a hungry wolf came there for drinking water at a stream. He caught sight of a lamb drinking water far down. He wanted to eat it up. He ran up to it and said very angrily, “Why are you making the water muddy? Don’t you see that I am drinking it?”

The poor little lamb began to tremble and said, “Please, sir, the water is flowing from you to me. So I am not at all making it dirty for you.” “But why did you call me names last year?” thundered the wolf. “You are mistaken, sir,” replied the lamb. “I was not even born last year.” “Then it must have been your elder brother. And you must now suffer for his fully.” So saying he jumped upon the unfortunate lamb and tore it into pieces.

Moral: Any Defense Is Good Enough For An Evildoer.

Note: – Never write down our stories in the examination without the permissions of the Teachers, Professors and tutors.

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