Honesty Is The Best Policy Story

We may have listened and read lots of moral stories in our life, but the story which I am going to tell you here is very easy to understand for all of us. It is fact that we all have lots of stories in our minds but few of us get to know their meaning. Now here we provided a brief story on the moral of honesty is the best policy story.

Story Starts here,

A woodcutter lived in a very simple village. His job was cutting wood from jungle and sale. He only has an axe for cutting woods. Unfortunately on day he was cutting woods near a river in the jungle, his axe fell into river. The river was very deep and woodcutter did not know how to swim. He becomes very sad and sitting there with heavy heart. He was poor and not has enough money to buy another axe.

He was depressed. He starts blaming himself for putting the axe inside water. Suddenly an angel appeared before him. The angel stops him from crying. The angel cleans his tears. The angel asked him why he was crying. He told the angle everything. The angel took pity on woodcutter.

Then the angel went into river and came back with big golden axe. He asked the woodcutter it was his axe. Wood cutter replied “No”. Then angel went back into the river and came back with Silver one. This time also woodcutter refused to take it. Finally the angle brought the axe of woodcutter from the water. This time woodcutter was happy to get back his iron axe. The angel became very glad on his honesty and gives him the two axes gold and silver.

Moral: Honesty is The Best Policy

Honesty is The Best Policy Story in Picture (save image and read)

This is the complete story about honesty of a poor woodcutter. This story is very easy to memorize as honesty is the best policy story for class 4 students. You can also find lots of stories for your kids on all topics. You can read different stories here with same topic as honesty is the best policy story for class 6.

We have also lots of stories for students of colleges and universities according to their syllabus and related to their grammar. This moral story for schools students is best as honesty is the best policy story for class 10. It is easy to memorize and easy to write in exams.

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