Free Directory Submission List 2020

What is Directory Submission

“It is backlinks source for your website in free called directory submission.” There are lots of people do not know what is directory submission and how to do because they are new in SEO field.

How To Do Directory Submission

Main Q is for new SEO learners how to do direcotry submission and how can get good free direcotry submission sites list. We are solving your problem due to lots of experience in this SEO field.

Free Directory List Search in Google

It is very simple to search in google free direcotry list follow tips behind:-

1 – Type

2 – Type in google search bar, free directory submission list 2018, or free directory list  and instant approval directory submission sites list 2018.

3 – You wil get lots of free direcotry submission sites list

4 – You can also search in google theme related directory sites list very easy.

Method Of Direcotry Submission Free

You can follow our tips and can do direcotry submission very easily and fast,

1 – Open free direcotry site from direcotry list which you choosed.

2 – Select any catagory which you like

3 –  Again select subcatagory if you find

4 – Click on “submit” button or word, you will find form.

5 – You will find 3 or 4 option but you join free regular option do not select receiprocal or paid option.

6 – Put your all detail in forum and do not fil receiprocal option.

7 – Click on submit button, you will find, you directory submission has complete but in pending mode.

What is The Instant Approval Direcotry Submission Sites List

My all above information is only for new free direcotry submission trainers because we want to give him free simple information which they follow and do direcotry submission. Q is what is instant approval direcotry sites, Answer is when you submit your all data in direcotry and submission complete but that time your link instant add in directory call instant direcotry submission.

Free Direcotry submission sites list 2018

There are lots of directory submission sites list in google but some do not change when some directory sites expire and student spend lots of time on this type of fake directory list sites but we will not waist new directory submission students time and money and we will also update regular base free directory submission list.

Free Directory List  – 31/1/2018

Free Directory List  – 1/1/2018

Free Directory List  – 12/12/2017

Free Directory List  – 6/12/2018

Free Directory List  – 4/12/2018

Directory Submission Sites List .CO.UK 2018

Directory Submission Sites List .CO.UK 2018

There are lots of directory which people say these are UK directory but in face, UK directory only which shows at the end of website url .uk will be UK directory so we have collect some very good Uk directory for your time saving.



Free Directory List  – 21/11/2018

1 –
2 –
3 –
4 –
5 –
6 –
7 –
8 –
9 –

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