Show Up To Work In Style With A Work Tote

If you grew up in the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, you probably heard them say “be prepared” over and over. Be prepared isn’t just a motto, it’s a way of life. Whether you take it to heart when you’re hiking or working, having the accessories that make you prepared can be chaotic. Work totes and backpacks can help you stay organized so you are ready for all that life can throw at you.

From Pouches To Large Bags

A tote bag for work with lots of pockets can help you organize all the things you need for your routine, from keys to a water bottle, safety pins to aspirin. Whether you’re schlepping your workout gear to the office for an easy escape to the gym when you clock out, or you’re handling a mountain of paperwork at different sites, you want a nice bag that looks professional while managing your needs. Small pouches in your work tote keep your makeup in one location, your pens in another and your medicine safely tucked away out of view.

A Variety of Styles and Designs

You know your industry the best and what fits into your wardrobe. You’ll find a wide range of styles, from large to small, at Beis. We recommend choosing professional work totes and backpacks in neutral colors that will coordinate with your wardrobe. Black, brown and navy blue are traditional colors, but if you want something a little different, beige, mauve, olive green and gray give you a nice hue to pair with your outfits. Having one work tote that you routinely use can make it easier to repack items and find them when you leave.

Don’t Forget The BEISics

A work tote is a great accessory to be prepared at work, but Beis has a lot of different types of bags that will take you from morning to evening, whether you’re at home or traveling around the world. A Dopp kit is designed to keep your toiletries organized and at the ready. Dopp kits are popular in the military, but anyone can use one, even if you aren’t traveling. Don’t forget the laptop pouch that keeps your computer safe when you’re carrying it around. You’ll find padded device bags to protect valuable electronics that coordinate with your daily work tote. There’s no obligation to coordinate, so you can get creative with colors with your accessories.

Look For Durability and Functionality

Style may be one of the biggest considerations when buying a work tote, but don’t forget to check the features. You want a bag that will last and stand up to your day. Check that any work tote has a good and sturdy lock. Look for wide straps that are easy to carry on your shoulder. A good work tote has lots of pockets to organize your belongings. If your bag is especially heavy, you may want to find a work tote with wheels that you can roll across the parking lot instead of hanging it on your shoulder. Choose the right bag to be prepared for anywhere the day takes you.

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