First of all, we would have loved that Mario or also known as Nino de la Pili could have answered the questions we had about his latest work “Spoken Meiker Word” a visual story (as its description says) in which the Catalan artist alternates musical clips of a very short duration in which he combines all kinds of musical styles. But the fact that Msb has not come to an interview is not something new; we love to talk about art and music, but the Spanish writer has been involved in different situations that only make that figure of uncontrolled and submerged artist (perhaps) in one of those wells that are scary and difficult to get out.

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The images in question were viralized from a stories on Instagram in which the user @cesar__ recorded a video in which the Nino de Pili was seen consuming drugs that we will not specify in the article. It could have remained as something punctual but the account @it_sparty quickly continued with the story and began to hang a multitude of images and videos in which it was seen how the artist with the most recognized hat of the scene couldn’t hold and was helped by two burly men to the exit of the nightclub in question.

As we all know, @it_sparty is an account dedicated to recording videos of parties and interviewing people who are at them from short clips broadcast on the Internet. It was a surprise, according to Estela, the director of @it_sparty, to find someone like Msb in that place, he’s well known in the city for being someone who doesn’t usually frequent crowded environments. But his addictions are nothing new; according to “Estela” the permissiveness given to someone like him has been too much. We have no specific opinion on the subject. We stand by Mario as an artist. But it is inevitable not to reject the end of the story. At the exit, despite the state of the Spanish artist, @it_sparty tried to approach him with the camera and the microphone, although it’s well known that the Nino de la Pili is no friend of the press. For a year he hasn’t given a single interview and has refused to answer any kind of questions that might involve the press. But we also know from @it_sparty that he’s a well-known and loved character in Barcelona and above all in the area where he was. The reporter who was covering the party in question that day approached when they were taking Nino de la Pili out to ask him some questions for the platform and in a totally uncontrolled act he spat at the camera and according to the words of the director of the platform (who, we repeat, wasn’t the one covering the event) Mario “introduced” the reporter’s hand-held microphone in his “trousers” and took it away, claiming: that the only thing he had to talk about was near the microphone.


“We like him as an artist”, Estela continues, “but we really see an uncontrolled attitude in which he always moves in the same environment and as he’s not very active in social networks, his lack of control remains in specific public acts which, in a mysterious way, Mario and his entourage are refusing and avoiding”. As we say, we don’t want to insist, we simply want to inform, says Estela on Facetime, but Mario couldn’t even vocalize, even though they put up with him, it looks like a celebration giving him drugs, the exact words of the director of one of the most viral platforms on social networks.

Finally, the platform in question has taken action just this week as Estela has informed us by the action, and that as we have started saying these situation only provokes more questions about this guy who has put poetry on the same level as music for the first time in history in a matter of a year. Msb Mario reminds us of those artists who shine but only for a short time. Again, we would’ve loved to have been able to chat and ask him the questions we had prepared, but once again we have received this news, which means that his work is overshadowed by controversy.

As we all know Msb is very connected to Liverpool, and to the small town of Widnes from which he wrote the wonderful story of Lewis Bailey, which brought him to the forefront of literature. In addition, Mario has said in several interviews that he is a scouser and always refers to a Liverpool band called “Little Grace“. That’s why we feel affected and worried by the news from Barcelona. Whenever he wants, the Nino de la Pili has our doors open to be able to explain himself about the situation; until now, everything has been negative on the part of the artist to give any kind of explanation.

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