Discover the Advantages of the iZYREC Voice Recorder Compared to Other Digital Recorders

Voice recorders have been present for a very long time. They have been used in a variety of ways and still are being used in more ways than previously thought possible. Previously, we had the traditional audio recorders in use for a significant amount of time. Later on when smartphones started to roll out, they had the voice recorder feature in them. Many people thought this was a crucial shift in the way activities and conversations were going to be had. Consequentially, many shifted from traditional voice recorders to smartphones. The smartphones provided simplicity, versatility, and so much more than just audio recording all in one. Now we have the iZYREC mini digital voice recorder that has come with endless advantages. In this release, we will see why you need to choose the iZYREC mini digital audio recorder and forget the previous options. 

We are going to put the three options against a five-list criterion. Starting with pocket-size. 

  • Pocket-sized

Pocket size means something that can comfortably fit in your pocket. It is something that you can walk with caring for your daily errands without having to feel disturbed by it. If you are not using it, then it should practically disappear instead of sticking out everywhere you go. All three options, traditional digital voice recorder, smartphone, and iZYREC mini voice recorder fit this part. However, the best is the IZYREC device since it is much smaller than your bank card and thinner than a coin. You will not notice it’s there until you need to use it. 

  • One-button recording

Here, you need to be able to start recording with just a single action. Your typical traditional voice recorder would need at least a few actions for it to enter recording mode. That means it fails this part. What about your smartphone? We all use smartphones and know that you need a couple of touches to get the device to start recording. The only device that passes this part is the iZYREC recorder since it has a one-slide recording feature. In just a single slide, one can start recording. 

  • AI noise cancelling

For you to hear a recording clearly, it must have been taken from a quiet place where only the ongoing conversation is what you hear. Although this is what we want, it might not always be the case. Sometimes you have to record in a noisy environment and still clearly hear the recording later. The smartphone and the traditional voice recorder are incapable of this noise cancelation feature. Guess what it is. Yeah, you’re right. The iZYREC mini audio recorder. Have the power to record anywhere anytime even if there is noise. 

  • Pick-up range

If you can record something that is over 5 meters away, then your device is a game changer. That is exactly what the iZYREC device is. With a range of about 10 meters, it is the highest ever recorded of any manufactured voice recorder ever to be on the market. Your traditional audio recorder and your smartphone can only watch from afar as the iZYREC device destroys them completely. 

  • Audio quality

A recording is only as good as its audio quality. This is because if the audio quality is poor, you will not be able to gain anything from it. It will be useless and you would have wasted your time. That is why iZYREC has put so much emphasis on audio quality. The recording device displays amazing audio quality. With 1536 kbps audio quality, this device rocks. You will be able to clearly hear everything that was captured within the recording 10 meters radius. I highly doubt that you will find a better recorder with an even better audio quality that the one from iZYREC. 


To that end, it is clear which should be your choice whenever you are in the market for a voice recorder. Get an iZYREC voice recorder today and enjoy amazing benefits. 


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