How to Login to Webmail

You can check your mail from any location with the robust webmail interface with cPanel hosting. This post will explain how to access webmail and explain some of the available options.

Where is the Webmail login page?

To access your webmail login page, enter the name of your domain below and click the button.

For instance,

It will ask for your password and username. Your entire email address, all lowercase, will serve as your username. Your email address’s password will serve as the password. You might have forgotten your password.

What is Webmail?

There are multiple methods for checking your email. To check your email, for instance, you can set up a desktop program like Microsoft Outlook, or Mac Mail, or a web-based program like Gmail. Additionally, you can use your phone—such as an Android or iPhone—to check your email.

You can send and receive email via webmail, just like with the other samples. The difference with webmail is that it can be accessed through a web browser. You don’t have to set up the software. To utilize webmail, just log in and start using it.

Note: Make sure you’ve first generated an email address in your cPanel before attempting to log into webmail.

Ways to Access Webmail

The instructions for Webmail Login can be found below. In this instance, we’re going to assume that is the email address you wish to verify.


Step 1: A few distinct URLs can be used to access your webmail:


The default option is However, if that doesn’t work to access your webmail login because of a firewall, redirect, or DNS issue, you can try the other ones.

Make sure to include your real domain name in place of

Step 2: After entering your password and username, click OK.

Username: Type your entire email address in lowercase.

Enter the password associated with your email address.

Step 3: By now, you ought to be signed in! To begin utilizing your email, select one of the three webmail clients!

How to Access Webmail Using cPanel

Moreover, you can access webmail by using the practical cPanel interface.


  • Open cPanel and login.
  • Select Email Accounts.
  • Locate the email account you wish to examine, then click Check Webmail via Email in cPanel 

Similarly, 1and1 webmail login provides step by step guide to access your webmail account

Troubleshooting Issues with Webmail:

I’m not asked to provide my account or password.

Try going to if you are not prompted for a username and password when you visit

The most common reason for this problem is a firewall on your network that is obstructing the 2095 and 2096 webmail ports. You can access webmail over port 80—the standard port used for online traffic—by using

My password is gone.

The simplest way to recover your email address password is to reset it in cPanel and then attempt to log into webmail once more.

Note: Paper Lantern is the new theme for the cPanel interface. You can access the various client types when you log into webmail. To choose the Webmail client you want to use, look for the gear icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

What Comes Next?

A few more email features are available on our servers in addition to webmail. You might want to find out more information regarding:


  • Email forwarding: Send emails to a different email address automatically
  • Automated Reactions Taking a trip? When someone emails you, set up an autoresponder to let them know you’re not in the office.
  • Installing and configuring Spam Assassin should be your first step if you’re experiencing spam issues.

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