What To Call Your Dom? (Different Names We Know!)

I think “Sir” and “Boss” are good for doms. Anything that suggests authority. You could get pretty creative with that if you want to. For instance, Judge, King, Empress, Maestro, Your Exaltedness, My Lord/Lady, Your Majesty, Mistress Bossy PantsI told my fiance today that I was interested in being submissive, But I wanted to start slowly. He agreed to it and said we could give it a shot.

Keep reading for help determining your Dominant or submissive nickname

Dominant Names

If you’re a dominant, an appropriate name will make you feel powerful and in charge. You won’t feel uncomfortable, or like you’re playing dress-up. But you’ll be ready to control a bondage scene (discover more about bondage) (What To Call Your Dom? (Different Names We Know!) and your partner with skill. It’s not uncommon for dominants to combine some of the titles below with their actual names. Think “Lady Sarah.”

Female Dominant Names

Below are some common dominant female names and titles that you can use in your relationship or scenes:

  1. Mistress
  2. Maitresse
  3. Milenka
  4. Lady
  5. Goddess
  6. Queen
  7. Mommy
  8. Domina
  9. Countess
  10. Khaleesi
  11. Princess
  12. Ma’am
  13. Madam
  14. Governess
  15. Headmistress
  16. Miss
  17. Ms
  18. Bitch

You’ve probably heard of several of these suggestions for dominant female names.

Mistress is common and the feminized form of Master. But not everyone enjoys it because of its connection to human slavery. For them, a name such as Khaleesi, which originates in fantasy books/TV show Game of Thrones, might be a better option. This idea opens the doors to all sorts of names that your favorite media might inspire.

Names such as Goddess or Queen can be great choices because they create a sense of power and worship. Adding a descriptor such as “glorious” or “benevolent” can customize the name, too.


While less common, Domina is still quite elegant, and Princess can indicate a lack of power, making it for an extraordinary power trip when you force your submissive to use it when speaking to you.

Don’t forget to check out our BDSM checklist as you explore the lifestyle.

Male Dominant Names

Many of the dominant names to call your guy are simply the masculine form of the names suggested for women above.

  1. King
  2. Lord
  3. Dom
  4. Count
  5. Prince
  6. Headmaster
  7. Mister
  8. Maestro
  9. Dominus
  10. Daddy
  11. Sir

Again, many of these honorifics denote power. A fairly common name that makes this list, Daddy, is ideal for dominants who display fatherly tendencies such as nurturing, guiding, correctly, and caring about their submissives. It also works well if you’re in a DD/lg relationship.

Gender Neutral Dominant Names

If you thought the list of dominant names to call your husband was a bit short or missing a few notable exceptions, then they might be among the list of dominant names below:

  1. Your Highness
  2. Master
  3. Owner
  4. Handler
  5. Governor
  6. Deity
  7. Liege
  8. Chief
  9. Boss
  10. Commander
  11. Your Exaltedness
  12. Your Excellency
  13. Keeper
  14. Captain
  15. Mx.
  16. Sergeant
  17. Alpha
  18. Patron
  19. First initial — i.e. J for Jason or Jennifer

The simplest and hardest thing is that what you call your partner is completely up to you. Master, Sir, and Daddy are the most common, but they aren’t the only options. Here are a few I’ve heard over the years:

  • Mister
  • Chief
  • Coach
  • Boss
  • Liege
  • King
  • Lord
  • Duke
  • Marquis
  • Viscount

As you can see, people have taken the “title” thing very literally. If you’re a history buff, go through old books to look for other terms or titles that might work. (Luna adds: I’ve also heard military titles, “Captain”, “Sergeant”, “Colonel”, etc.)

You can make it more unique by adding an initial, his name, or a made-up name to any of these. He might become Coach Q or Bossman or Lord James. And you’re not stuck with this list of titles. It can be, literally, anything.

  • (My) Angel
  • (My) Darling
  • (My) Dear
  • (My) Everything
  • (My) Liege
  • (My) Lord
  • (My) Love
  • (Your) Excellency
  • (Your) Grace
  • (Your) Highness
  • (Your) Honor
  • (Your) Majesty
  • (Your) Worship
  • Alpha
  • Baba
  • Bear
  • Beast
  • Beautiful
  • Big Bear
  • Big Brother
  • Big Sister
  • Boss
  • Captain
  • Chief
  • Commander
  • Consul
  • Dada
  • Daddy
  • Dame
  • Divine
  • Dom
  • Domina
  • Dominus
  • Domme
  • Emperor
  • Empress
  • Father
  • Frau
  • Fräulein
  • God
  • Goddess
  • Gorgeous
  • Handsome
  • Herr
  • Hersir
  • Hime
  • Honey
  • Hun
  • Imperatore
  • Instructor
  • Jarl
  • Kaiser
  • Keeper
  • King
  • Konge
  • Lady
  • Leader
  • Lord
  • Madame
  • Mademoiselle
  • Maestro
  • Mama
  • Master
  • Ma’am
  • Miss
  • Mister
  • Mistress
  • Mx.
  • Mommy
  • Monsieur
  • Mother
  • My Light
  • My Moon
  • My Only
  • My Stars
  • My Sun
  • My World
  • Oneechan
  • Oniisan
  • Owner
  • Papa
  • Praetor
  • Prince
  • Princess
  • Profressor
  • Protector
  • Queen
  • Regina
  • Rey
  • -San
  • -Sama
  • -Senpai
  • -Sensei
  • Sir
  • Sire
  • Sovereign
  • Sweetheart
  • Teacher
  • Thane
  • Trainer


In conclusion, our journey through the intricacies of What To Call Your Dom? “(Different Names We Know!)” has unveiled a treasure trove of distinctive and intimate titles that transcend the ordinary. From playful monikers to titles that exude respect and dominance, this guide offers a comprehensive exploration of naming dynamics in the realm of BDSM relationships. Click through to discover the most click-worthy and amazing titles that add depth and connection to your D/s dynamics. As you navigate the landscape of names, may you find the perfect expression that resonates with the unique nuances of your dynamic. Explore now and redefine the language of dominance and submission with names that reflect the essence of your bond.


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