Understand The Talabat Food Delivery App – Explore Its Business Model, Cost & Features

Companies that deliver food try to take a strategy that saves individuals much time and effort. It provides ease and the fastest approach for selecting favorite meals directly from mobile devices and delivering them to any location. Furthermore, safety problems have led to an unusual rise in the use of online meal delivery applications. In Dubai, Talabat is one of these firms that uses classic food delivery models.One of the leading leaders of the meal delivery app, Talabat, has successfully transformed the idea of food delivery.

According to the report, the market for online food delivery rose at a CAGR of 10.3% in 2021 and then at 11% in 2025.

An Overview Of Talabat Revenue And Business Model

Insights About Talabat’s Business Model

The food delivery part of Talabat is comparable to that of other well-known food delivery applications. This is how the procedure operates:

  • The restaurant lists itself on the platform and partners with Talabat. The client downloads the app, registers, and browses the menu items from his preferred restaurants.
  • The client confirms the order, picks the meals, and decides how to pay. After receiving the order, the restaurant gets to work cooking the dish.
  • The restaurant selects a person to deliver the order. After obtaining the order from the restaurant, the delivery guy gives it to the client. Real-time order progress updates are sent to the consumer. The same is true for the on-demand delivery model as well. The delivery service providers list themselves on the marketplace and collaborate with Talabat. Restaurants can look over the delivery services and choose their favorite.

Know About Target Clients

Talabat primarily targets customers who would rather place online orders for food than come into restaurants in person to pick them up. Gen Z and millennials make up most of the clientele; they order hot, tasty food delivered right to their door.

Talabat’s Revenue Model

Talabat depends on three income sources, similar to most food delivery services. Let’s examine each of these elements in more detail.



Commissions Strategy

Talabat does not use a fixed commission structure. The food establishment charges 15–25% of the total order amount. But Talabat favors uniqueness. Therefore, restaurants that use Talabat as their only partner receive a 5–10% commission rate decrease.

Delivery Fees

Each order placed with Talabat carries a delivery fee. The delivery fee is not set and varies based on the restaurant’s distance and the surrounding circumstances. The rates increase in the event of a storm, a midnight delivery, or excessive demand. Talabat allows users to reduce and even eliminate shipping fees by placing an order over a certain amount. Mobile app development company UAEuses this strategy in your apps by numerous other food delivery services.

Costs Of Advertising

Talabat provides restaurants with two advertising options: banner ads and priority listings. The restaurant can appear at the top of the listings under the priority listing strategy.

As you likely already know, banner advertising entails the display of banner ads inside the application. Talabat uses these two models to get money from advertisements.

“Satisfy your appetite with Talabat’s quick delivery.”

Features Of Talabat Food Delivery App

The Talabat application’s features are explained below. The features that we will focus on can be divided into three main categories:

The Interface

Following a successful download and installation of the application, users must access the login pages to access their accounts. This application has several features, which include:

  • Log In

The Talabat app developers in UAE have made this process easier by integrating Facebook and Gmail.

  • The Location

Depending on the customer’s location, the list of nearby eateries displays up-to-date information.


  • Home Page

This screen displays the list of neighboring eateries that are open right now.

  • Menu

It is among the primary functionalities of the Talabat user application. The details of the menus accessible on this screen will indeed be displayed to the user after they have chosen a specific restaurant.

  • Cart Selection

Order requests are handled in this section until payment is received. A consumer can increase or decrease the quantity of foods by clicking on a plus or minus button.

  • Deals & Discounts

The app’s owner can utilize push notifications to notify users of the most recent discounts and special offers from their favorite eateries.

  • Details Of Contact

Having the delivery person’s and the restaurant’s contact information may also be helpful.

Restaurant Panel

  • Dashboard

Users are taken to the application’s main page once they have completed creating a profile, which is the dashboard. They will be able to monitor the orders that have been fulfilled and are pending.

  • Accept Or Reject Orders

Customers can cancel their order if the delivery date or time still needs to be met.

  • Payments

Users can transfer money to banks or another network, such as PayPal or Wallet, based on their choices, under the billing section.

Delivery Boy’s Application

  • Login

The delivery boy can create a user ID and use it to log in to the application by logging in.

  • Requests For Orders

If a consumer orders, the venue determines how the order is self-assigned. The order would appear with the delivery address, client name, and order ID.

  • Order Delivery

If the purchase is accepted, the delivery person should bring the order to the customer’s location.

  • GPS Monitoring

Following the delivery boy’s GPS is necessary to give clients real-time order tracking.

The Price Of Professionally Creating A Food Delivery App Similar To Talabat

Developing a food delivery appfrom the bestmobile app development company Dubaicosts you between $10,000 and $20,000. However, the expenses will increase due to including features, using an unintuitive design, etc.

Why Choose DXB APPS For The Development Of Food Delivery Apps Similar To Talabat?

DXB APPS,the best web design company Dubaiprovides the ideal balance of knowledge, creativity, and scalability for your apps. We have many years of experiencein on-demand app development Dubai. We assist you in realizing your ideal food delivery app concept with our customer-focused solutions. You can discuss any project ideas with us.

The food delivery apps like Talabat ensure that there’s something tasty to satisfy your food cravings.


Talabat changed the way residents of Dubai received meals. For Talabat-like food deliverymobile app development Dubai, contact a topwebsite design company UAEimmediately.


Why is the Talabat helpful app?

You can get your favorite food delivered anywhere by placing an order. Your needs are met; download our app, and select your groceries or food to order.

Which applications are similar to Talabat?

InstaCart, BigBasket, and El Grocer are some apps similar to Talabat.

How much time does it take to create a Talabat-like app?

The features and resources available to the development team are a few variables that affect the development timeline.

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