Everything You Must Know About Boat Rentals in Montreal

Whether you live in Montreal or are here for a vacation, you should definitely embark on a boat tour across the beautiful lakesides of the city. You just have to look for a boat or Yacht Rental Montreal service provider, and admire the beautiful sightings of the city from water.

Your weekends or vacation trips will be filled with an enchanting thrill when you see the breathtaking views under the clear sky. The setting sun will leave a shade of pure elegance over the city’s tall buildings, giving you an absolute picturesque moment.

Not just that, but tourists can also book a private Yacht Rental Montreal service for special events or occasions, to take home some forever memories. Doesn’t that sound amazing? But, before you get along with booking your Boat Charter, there are things you must know.

This article is all about giving you a clear insight into everything that you must know about renting a yacht or boat in Montreal for your group or private water tours. So, read along till the end!

What are Some of the Types of Boats You Can Rent in Montreal?

There are a lot of service providers out there in Montreal, offering you different types of boat renting services for you to either go on an adventurous water trip or spend a leisurely day with your loved ones. Irrespective of what kind of memories you want to attain for yourself, there are different types of boats you can charter or rent:

1.   Motorboats:

You can book a Boat Charter for cruising along the waterways, and there is no better watercraft than a motorboat to give you a perfect experience. While you cut through the water stream at a high speed, you will feel the wind bashing, and that’s fun and thrilling for you!

2.   Yacht:

Yacht rental in Montreal holds the maximum popularity for people to either go on a group or private water tour. As you know, yachts are known mostly for the comfort and amenities they bring with them. So, if you want to spend a full day on Montreal waters, a yacht is the perfect boat for you to rent.

3.   Sailboats:

Sailboats have a completely different elegance, as they let you enjoy the serenity and tranquillity of the appealing waterfront while feeling the gush of wind hitting the sailcloth. It is one of the timeless activities of Montreal, and there are guides out there to help you attain an unforgettable journey.

4.   Kayaks:

If you are out with your partner and want to book a Boat Charter for living an intimate experience, there is no better option than renting a kayak. When on a kayak with your partner, paddle the boat and cover every picturesque spot as suggested by the guides. Being smaller in size, a kayak can let you be closer to nature.

What Kind of Rentals Can One Avail while Booking a Boat Charter?

Some of the types of rental services that you can avail while booking a Boat Charter in Montreal are:

●    Hourly Rentals:

If you have more activities to do in a day, especially when you are on vacation, it is better to have some quick trips on & off the Montreal water. In that case, going for hourly rentals is a better decision, as you will be able to enjoy the fun and thrill of being on the water without the need to be there all day.

●    Daily Rentals:

If you have plans on dedicating the entire day to your boat tour, there is a provision for you to go for a daily boat or Yacht Rental Montreal service. With this option, you must spend ample time on the waters and look out for all the hidden gems across the coast.

●    Weekly Rentals:

If you plan to spend a long vacation and dedicate it completely to boating activities, you should go with a weekly boat or yacht rental in Montreal. There are packages available for you to attend to all your nautical vacation needs throughout the week.

Beyond this, there are many other options and services available for you to book your Boat Charter and enjoy your water tour on your terms. Whether you are in search of relaxation and adventure or have an intention to just admire the beauty of clear skies and picturesque sightings, renting a boat in Montreal is ideal for all.

What Pricing Considerations Should You Make Before Renting Boats in Montreal?

When you have plans to avail boat or yacht rental in Montreal, apart from the itinerary of the tour, you will also be interested towards the rate chart. Different boat rental service providers have varying pricing considerations, but there are a few things you must keep in mind to decide better:

●    Get the Pricing Overview

Before booking a Boat Charter, you must get a complete understanding of how the boat rental services are being charged in Montreal. As you know, the rates might vary depending on the boat type, rental duration or other added services.

●    Compare the Prices

To ensure you get the best deal above all, do compare the prices of multiple boat or Yacht Rental Montreal service providers. Don’t just compare the price but also the packages, additional discounts or amenities that are being offered to you at that price point.

●    Look for Affordable Options

You don’t have to go beyond your budget to rent a boat! There are a lot of affordable and budgeted choices available for you to enjoy the boat tours on Montreal waters. Go for either a luxurious yacht or a small motorboat, depending on what your budget allows you.

Bottom Line

This is all that you need to know before you can choose a boat or Yacht Rental Montreal service provider! Do keep in mind your options, and be clear about what would fit your adrenaline the most while you intend to explore the Montreal waters.

Look for the best service providers and book your vessels in advance for the select dates before the year hits its peak season! Whether you are out with your family, friends or a loving partner, hop onto the yacht, motorboat, kayak or sailboat you booked and gather some forever memories.


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