How do I get a Job of Digital Marketing Executive?

Did you know that in India, the average salary of a digital marketing specialist is INR 4.7 Lacs and experienced professionals even earning up to INR 10 Lacs per year? Surprising, Right? Well it is true and with time the expansion of the digital marketing industry has made it a demanding field in India.  

In India, digital marketing has become a promising career because of the huge population spending their good amount of time on social media.

In the area of digital marketing you will find different career opportunities, but this article specifically focuses on what is the scope of digital marketing jobs in Delhi (NCR) and what is the step by step guide to become a digital marketing executive.

Scope of Digital Marketing Jobs in Delhi-NCR

If we talk about Delhi- NCR, then you can find a plenty of great opportunities for a career in the field of digital marketing, such as:

  1. Digital Marketing executive- For digital marketing jobs in Delhi-NCR, this particular job profile is most demanded as it works for an entry-level position that requires basic knowledge of digital marketing like SEO and SMM. 

In this job you can earn money between Rs 30,000- Rs 50,000 for start which can increase based on your performance and skill development.

  1. SEO Specialist-  If you are finding digital marketing jobs in Noida, then SEO specialist is a position that you can apply for. The main role of you as an SEO specialist would be to optimize websites and content  by using strategies like keyword research and on-page, off-page optimization for different search engines like Google. 

As a SEO specialist you can think of your salary between Rs 50,000 and Rs 80,000.

  1. Content Marketing Specialist- As a content marketing specialist your main work would be to compel content across different social media platforms in form of blogs, articles, newsletter and social media copy. 

The salary of a content marketing specialist in Delhi-NCR is between Rs35,000 to Rs 60,000 depending on your work experience, skills and the type of content you are specialized in.

  1. Social Media Marketing Specialist – Social media marketing specialist is a part of popular digital marketing jobs in Ghaziabad. As a SMM specialist you can manage and create interactive content for different social media platforms. You will also analyze social media data to generate reports for tracking performance. 

If we talk about salary expectation well it can range from Rs 15,000-Rs 22,000 for entry level which can be upgraded up to Rs 40,000 based on your skills and experiences.

By now we have understood that being a digital marketing executive is the most demanding job in Delhi-NCR, so let’s look at some of the steps on how you can become a digital marketing executive.

Step by Step Guide on How do I Get a Job as a Digital Marketing Executive 

To become a digital marketing executive it is crucial to adapt a diverse range of skills with proper understanding of the digital marketing environment and how do you achieve it? Here’s a simple step by step guide on how you can get a job of digital marketing executive:


  • Learn Digital Marketing- The first step to begin your journey is to learn digital marketing and its skills in detail from the best digital marketing institute as it would work in building your knowledge and provide you with a strong base.


  • Master the important aspects of digital marketing- To be a digital marketing executive, learn about the key aspects of digital marketing like SEO, PPC, Social Media Management and Content Marketing so that it would give you skills that are needed as a part of your job description. 


  • Gain Practical Experience- Having theoretical understanding of digital marketing is great but you can’t pursue it as your career if you haven’t gained some practical experiences through freelance work or internships.


  • Make an Appealing Resume- In your resume explain your achievements and not just your duties with that also highlight skills and experience that is relevant to the job position. 

When you are creating your resume be sure of making it short and simple, as it becomes easy for the recruiter to scan and read your document.


  • Ace the Interview: Be your best self in the interview, that means work on your communication so that you can easily explain all the knowledge and experience you have regarding digital marketing.


In India, digital marketing executives work to drive growth and help with enhancing the visibility of a brand online. It is a great career option as through having expertise in this field you can reach a wider audience, generate leads that will automatically increase conversion rates.  

You can play a very important role in an organization by using your expertise, experience and commitment of staying updated with digital marketing industry trends. Furthermore, as a digital marketing executive you can bring business growth, increase brand value for leading your organization to success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I become a Digital Marketing Executive?

To become a Digital Marketing Executive you must learn digital marketing thru Online/Offline Courses. Have practical knowledge/experience of Digital Marketing campaigns. Freelance projects or Internship does provide help in getting your first Digital Marketing Job.

How do I get a Job in Digital Marketing?

Learn Digital Marketing Practically, work on Freelance Projects or for an Internship and mention all your skills in a great detail on your resume. Your resume should highlight your skillset at first glance.

How do I get my first Job in digital marketing?

Learn the required skills such as SEO, SMO or Affiliate Marketing etc. Gain practical experience and apply for similar jobs as your Knowledge or Experience.

Is it easy to get a Job in Digital Marketing?

Getting a Job in Digital marketing is not easy nor impossible. However, one must possess required skills and practical experience. Digital marketing is a highly competitive field but it does have numerous daily openings. So an individual with relevant experience can easily land a Job.

What qualifications do I need for digital marketing?

To become a Digital marketer you should have your basic education completed or graduation (if you’re looking for a Job in MNCs). You must have great expertise in a specific Digital marketing domain (like SEO, Affiliate or Social Media) in which you aspire to work (Job/Freelance).

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