Phuket Thailand

Phuket Thailand – For tourists who are amazed by the white sandy seashore, clear sea water, bright sunlight, and convenience in terms of expeditions, facilities, restaurants and souvenir shops. colourful staging expedition agents, etc. No one would consider Phuket Thailand, the number one big island in the country.

This island with a size of approximately 543 square km is surrounded by emerald green sea water and has soft white sandy seashores which are suitable for relaxing and also support exciting activities in the sea and also on the seashore.

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Phuket Thailand so Natural

The island group in Phuket Thailand is caused by the receding natural seashore, small areas are flooded, only the highest peaks rise above the sea level as a group of islands worth visiting.

On the other hand, for the main island, Phuket Thailand, the western part looks like a jagged bay. and is covered with soft sand such as Patong Beach, Tutur Beach, Karon Beach, etc. In the eastern part there are mostly mangrove forests and muddy seashores, while in the south there are good coral reefs.

Not only are there large and small islands, the surrounding area is also a tourist attraction that cannot be missed because it has white sandy beaches and clear sea water, such as Racha Island, Hey Island, Maprao Island, etc.

Not only because of its beautiful scenery, Phuket Thailand also continues to grow. become an important tourist destination. This place is also full of a collection of traditional narratives proving a long period of abundance since the beginning of Christ.

Phuket Thailand, which at that time was called “Thalang”

Phuket Thailand, which at that time was called “Thalang”, was an island where fishing sailors who carried out expeditions between China and India were known as “Jungceylon” and was a dock and trading centre. The superior product is tin rock. This is a legacy in the land that has generated income for the city for a long time.

In the era of King Rama I’s regime, significant incidents occurred. The origin occurred when Burmese troops arrived to attack the city of Thalang, at that time the governor had just died. Khunying Chan, his wife and Khun Mook, his female relatives, therefore, they decided to lead the people against the attacks of the Burmese cities with a cunning plan.

Until the Burmese withdrew because of their courage. As a result of this kindness, the Great King Buddha Yodfa Chulalok Agung bestowed the titles Khunying Chan as Thao Thepkasattri and Khun Muk as Thao Srisunthorn. Her name appears as a Thai female idol to this day.

When conditions are quiet, the trading atmosphere becomes sparkling again. Especially during the reign of King Rama V, when the demand for tin on the world market increased to the point that there was not enough activity to dig for the ore. To the point of having to employ Chinese people who were digging in Penang and Singapore as workers.

In that era, Hokkien Chinese came to live in Phuket, Thailand and built a place to live with colonial architecture. and decorated with Chinese art which is characteristic of Phuket as it appears today.

Come visit Phuket Thailand and you will find out that this island is full of historical origins, origins and natural resources, both on land and underwater, including its resources, various places to visit throughout the year.

10 action spots worth visiting in Phuket

1.Laem Phromthep as well as the viewpoint

Laem Phromthep is one of the most famous places for tourists to take pictures in Phuket, Thailand. This is a point for viewing beautiful natural panoramas and sunsets. Its position is at the southern end of Phuket Island. Local people call it “Laem Chao” from the edge of the sea. Palm-lined cliffs slope down to the end of a rocky peninsula.

You’ll see Koh Kaeo Phitsan ahead. There is also the “Kanchanaphisek, Laem Phromthep fire tower” built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the accession of the Great King Rama IX. The light from the fire tower can be observed for 39 km. Inside there is a demonstration of its construction. 

The standard time recording fire tower divides and shows the time of sunrise and sunset. The top of the fire tower is a viewing point with a natural panorama that stretches as far as the eye can see. Journey

To Laem Phromthep from Chalong Turning Take Highway No. 4024(Wiset Road) leads to Highway Number. 4233 via Rawai Waterfront

Windmill Viewpoint is located at the peak of the hill between Nai Harn Beach and Yanui Beach, next to Laem Phromthep. This viewing point zone has a pavilion and a place to rest for tourists to help make it easier to see the atmosphere of Laem Phromthep and Nai Harn Beach, this viewpoint is considered a recommended place to see a beautiful sunset in Phuket Province.

Sam Ao Viewing Edge is another viewing tip. You can see 3 crescent-shaped bays next to each other: Tutur Noi Bay, Tutur Yai Bay, and Karon Bay.

Khao Rang Viewpoint is located in Phuket Thailand Town, which is a good viewpoint both day and night. Not only that, the beauty of the tower that stands towering from the top of the mountain also attracts other people’s energy. In Khao Rang there is also a monument to Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahison Phakdi (Khosimby Na Ranong), chief minister in the 20th century.

In that era, Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahison Phakdi (Kor Simbee Na Ranong) raised mining to a modern level and he also brought in the first rubber plants. planted in Phuket and increasing its cultivation. Rubber is scattered in Phuket.

2.Phuket Old Town Area

One of the most popular activities when coming to Phuket Thailand is travelling near Phuket’s Old Town which is full of history stories. Origin: In the past, many people from various nations and religions, such as Chinese, Indians, Europeans, Muslims, etc., came to live and do business. And the houses are made in the form of Sino-Portuguese style shophouses, which are located on both sides of the lane. 

Currently, some of the buildings have been preserved as museums, such as the Phuket Thai Hua Museum and the Baba Nitat Museum. Some of the buildings have been renovated into restaurants, elegant coffee shops, and facilities.

Tourists can travel and admire the people’s way of life, their customs, and their crazy style of clothing. True True, try the special local delicacies. Stop to be photographed with Street Art which has more than 20 places. And every Sunday there is a market called “Lard Yai” for tourists to come to visit and eat local food too.

3.Koh Racha and Koh Maiton

Koh Racha is located in the southern part of Phuket Island, consisting of 2 islands, namely Koh Racha Noi and Koh Racha Yai. Koh Racha Yai has sea shores, white sand and clear sea water so it is popular with tourists as it is a paradise for tourists. Especially those who like diving and also have complete facilities. Suitable for staying surrounded by nature. 

Koh Racha Noi is a famous scuba diving place for divers. Diving on this island is suitable for skilled divers only. and have the opportunity to meet manta rays or white sharks too

Maiton Island is a small island located in the southeastern part of Phuket Island, it is an island with natural riches and beautiful sandy beaches, making it another target for tourists with a limited time. You can carry out the expedition by boat. Take a boat from the deep sea port and you will soon be able to visit one of these beautiful islands

4.Wat Chalong (Wat Chaithararam)

10 action spots worth visiting in Phuket Province

An ancient temple that combines the religious traditions of Phuket Thailand people, with the meaningful origins of Senggang Por Chaem at Wat Chalong, a monk who specialised in Vipassana seclusion. Study various magical subjects as well as conventional healing subjects. 

When Ang Yi’s plot was destroyed, he distributed Prachiat cloth to those who fought until they succeeded. Senggang Por Chaem also received the royal title from King Chulalongkorn. so Phrakhru Wisutthiwongsajarn Yanmuni, position of Sanghapal Mokkha, Phuket City. 

There are also various clean items Senggang Por Chaem is believed to be clean in terms of goodness, fame, protection from threats, security, and success.

Position: Chao Fa Lane, Chalong District, Mueang Area, etc. Phuket Temple _

5.Patong waterfront


The Patong seaside is characterised by a wide and curved bay, clear blue sea water, fine white sand, suitable for all types of water sports. This beach is also the centre of attention for tourists from all over the world, it could be said that there is no person who comes to Phuket Thailand who doesn’t know Patong Beach, Patong Beach can almost be called a small town. 

Because it is equipped with a complete hospital, large department store, facilities with many levels to choose from, various restaurants ranging from seafood, Thai food, and global food.

Patong seaside is 15 km from Phuket. Take the Wichit Songkhram Route or Highway 4029 near 9 km, turn left along the way. Highway 4029 (there will be a sign indicating the route to Patong Beach) is approximately 6 km, is a somewhat winding route with a steep slope.

6.Nai Yang waterfront

Nai Yang beach is a sandy beach located in the Sirinat National Park, which is a beach with lush pine gardens, perfect for relaxing and swimming. It is also home to a large coral reef. It is an environment for various types of marine animals, especially turtles, which arrive to lay their eggs from November to February. But currently the number of turtles has decreased greatly. Journey

To Nai Yang Beach from Phuket Town along the Thepkrasattri Route. After passing Thalang town, turn left at the corner with the traffic lights. (There is a sign indicating the path to Nai Yang Beach.) After that, there will be a sign indicating the entrance to the national park and Nai Yang Beach on the left side.

7.Surin seaside


Surin seaside is a quiet seaside at the foot of the mountain. On the right side of the sea, there are pine trees that line the sea, the remains of a golf square that was built during the regime of King Rama VII. This sea is very steep. When it rains, there is a strong flow. Not suitable for swimming.

Surin seaside is near 24 km from Phuket town. Follow the Thep Kasattri Route to the Thao Thep Kasattri Monument and Thao Sang Sunthon, then turn left and walk for 12 km.

8.Laem Sing waterfront


Laem Sing is a small, quiet seaside with clean white sand and beautiful rocks suitable for swimming. and has lush trees that are suitable for relaxing. Laem Sing is there

on the Surin waterfront, only 1 km to the south. From Surin Beach, follow the path to Kamala Beach. There should be small features. on the right and on the right side there will be a sign to enter Laem Sing.

9.Traditional profession

The Phuket Chinese New Year event is held every year after the Chinese New Year event to promote the local way of life and customs of Phuket province, and to advertise tourist attractions in the Phuket Old Town area for tourists to experience and experience. This event will transform major roads in Phuket City.

Including Thalang Route, Krabi Route, Dibuk Route, Phang Nga Route, Thepkasattri Route, and Phuket Route, into pedestrian routes. Get excited by Phuket’s special and wonderful local arts, culture and customs procession. 

Wearing traditional clothing Ba Ba Betul Betul Demonstration and marketing of local food, ancient games and many other interesting activities. The last day of activities will be timed to coincide with Angel Worship Day, which is an ancient custom of Phuket residents.

Vegetarian Yom Kippur occurs in the ninth month of the Chinese calendar. During this event, Phuket people eat meatless food for 10 days to bless their bodies and practise good deeds. There will be rituals in the temple. 

Ceremonies to ward off bad natures Ceremonies climbing the knife ladder, ceremonies walking on fire, processions of monks around the city in various clean places, and horses that will show charms to bring goodness and success to the people are traditional activities that have many efficacy. 

Attracting the attention of many tourists from all over the world. Tourists coming to Phuket during this period will be able to enjoy vegetarian food safely. Because there are vegetarian food stalls all over Phuket Island.

10.Phuket Fantasy Performance

Phuket Fantasy is located on Kamala Beach, is another popular tourist attraction in Phuket Province and is the world’s first traditional Thai entertainment site. The highlight is the costume performance.

“Miracle of Kamala” is a performance that combines Thai art and culture with special methods, modern lighting and sound, including the performance of dozens of Thai elephants and other animals on a large stage, serving a global buffet dinner. 

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