How to Share Ufone Balance in Pakistan: A Comprehensive Guide

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, staying connected with our loved ones has become more crucial than ever. Recognizing the challenges faced by its customers during the lockdown, Ufone, a prominent Pakistani telecom operator, has introduced a convenient and cost-free method for sharing balance through its UShare service. This initiative aims to facilitate users across the country by eliminating service charges and increasing the transaction limits. In this article, we will explore the various methods to share Ufone balance, emphasizing simplicity for users in Pakistan.

Understanding Ufone’s UShare Service

Ufone’s UShare service allows customers to share their balance with friends and family effortlessly. This service has been made free of cost during the lockdown, enabling users to stay connected without worrying about additional charges. The increased transaction limit of PKR 600 per transaction, with a maximum of four transactions per day, provides flexibility to users who need to share up to PKR 2,400 daily.

How to Share Ufone Balance

Sharing Ufone balance is a simple process that can be done using a USSD code. Ufone customers can follow these steps to share their balance:

  • Dial 828Recipient Number*Amount# on your Ufone mobile phone.
  • Replace “Recipient Number” with the recipient’s Ufone number.
  • Specify the “Amount” you wish to share.

For example, if you want to share PKR 100 with a friend whose number is 0331-XXXXXXX, you would dial 8280331XXXXXXX*100# and press the call button. This user-friendly method ensures quick and efficient balance sharing

Benefits of Ufone UShare During Lockdown

Amidst the challenges posed by the coronavirus threat, Ufone’s UShare service becomes particularly valuable. With people confined to their homes, the ability to transfer balance without visiting retailers or local shops becomes essential. Ufone’s initiative is not just a service but a part of their commitment to their U family, providing practical solutions for daily challenges.

Additional Tips for Staying Safe:

As a socially responsible organization, Ufone encourages its customers to adopt preventive measures against COVID-19. These measures include:

  • Wash hands thoroughly and often with soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Avoiding handshakes, especially with individuals who appear to be ill.
  • Minimizing touching of eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Disinfecting shared surfaces like doorknobs, taps, and table tops regularly.
  • Staying at home when feeling unwell.
  • Maintaining a distance of at least 1 meter from others.

By adopting these basic protective measures, individuals can contribute to their safety and that of their loved ones.

Ufone’s Commitment to Customer Welfare

Beyond its UShare service, Ufone has consistently demonstrated its commitment to customer welfare. During these challenging times, the telecom operator has introduced multiple products, services, and initiatives aimed at helping people function effectively while working from home. The mantra, “Tum Kheriat Se Raho Pakistan” reflects Ufone’s dedication to the well-being of the nation.

Ufone’s Range of Products and Services

Ufone offers a diverse range of products and services catering to the needs of its customers. From affordable call and data packages to value-added services like Ufone Super Card, Ufone Internet Packages and Ufone whatsapp package monthly, the telecom operator strives to provide convenience and accessibility to its users. These offerings contribute to a seamless and enjoyable user experience.


Ufone’s decision to make UShare service free of cost during the lockdown exemplifies its commitment to customer welfare. The increased transaction limits and removal of service charges simplify the process of sharing balance, making it an accessible and valuable service for Ufone customers. By following the straightforward USSD code, users can stay connected with their loved ones while adhering to the advised preventive measures against COVID-19. In these challenging times, Ufone’s initiative stands as a testament to its dedication to keeping Pakistanis connected and safe.

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