Fence Company Licenses and Certifications to Look For

When it comes time to install or repair a fence on your Columbia, Maryland property, you want to ensure you hire a professional fence contractors with the right qualifications for the job. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which fence company measures up?

The most important sign of a quality fence contractor is proper licensing and certification. There are several credentials that indicate a fence company truly knows what they’re doing when working with various fence types, installation codes, and safety practices.

Read on to learn key fence company licenses and certifications to look for when vetting providers in Columbia, MD and surrounding areas. With this guide, you’ll be equipped to find the best fence pro for your unique needs.

Maryland Home Improvement Commission License

Any fence company operating in maryland decking that charges over $500 for home improvements is legally required to hold a state-level Home Improvement Commission (HIC) license. The Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation oversees this program to regulate repair and remodeling trades, including fencing.

Essentially, an active HIC license confirms that the fence company carries proper insurance, passed a financial solvency check, and completed the requisite home improvement knowledge testing. Licensed companies also must uphold quality standards and acceptable business practices as outlined by the state.

Checking for an HIC license only takes a quick visit to the DLLR’s free online license lookup. Simply enter the fence company’s name or license number (if provided) to view their registration status and expiration date. Steer clear of unlicensed contractors no matter how appealing their rates or reviews may seem.

Fence Industry Certifications

On top of state licensing, the leading fence builders will have certifications from recognized industry organizations like:

  • American Fence Association (AFA)
  • National Fence ContractorsAssociation (NFCA)
  • CertainTeed Fence System Contractor credential

These programs offer special fence-focused training, education, and testing to signify advanced expertise within the trade. Certified pros are deeply knowledgeable about materials, building codes, safety protocols, and installation techniques. Many fence companies even have staff members with individual certifications in roles like inspection, sales, or estimating.

During your fence quote research, ask contractors outright about any relevant credentials they hold both company-wide and individually. Certified fence builders will gladly share this information and explain how their designations positively impact their work. Legitimate accreditations demonstrate true specialization in fencing over general contractors who offer fences as an add-on service.

Insurance Coverage

No matter how skilled the fence crew may be, accidents and mistakes occasionally happen on the job site. When they do, you’ll be grateful your fence company carries adequate liability insurance and workers compensation policies.

At minimum, the fence company should have a general liability plan with decent coverage levels for property damage and bodily injury incidents stemming from their work or employees. Workers compensation provides wage and medical benefits for staffers injured on the job.

Make sure to verify current certificates of insurance for both policies during quotes or upon hiring a fencing pro. Reputable companies will have no problem providing documentation upon request.

If the unimaginable occurs and your fence builder lacks sufficient coverage, you could be held financially responsible. Don’t take chances here or assume insurance exists automatically. Physically see these binding contracts to protect your property and budget from a worrisome legal battle.

Positive Reviews

While licenses and certifications focus mainly on a fence company’s credentials, customer reviews offer genuine insight into real-life service experiences. Spend ample time reading through public feedback on various platforms to gauge strengths vs pain points. Fence company review patterns will plainly showcase “red flag” issues to know beforehand or especially outstanding performance compared to competitors.

As you evaluate commentary, watch for any concerning trends related to these vital performance markers:

  • Punctuality and professionalism
  • Responsiveness to questions/concerns
  • Adherence to quoted budgets & timelines
  • Quality of final fence installation
  • Customer service after project completion

Ideally, the fence pro will have multiple glowing reviews describing courteous and competent service from request to installation and beyond.

Top Local Fence Company Names

Now that you know the definitive licenses, certifications, insurance requirements, and review cues for identifying reputable fencing contractors, put this info to work in your local search.

For high quality wood, chain link, aluminum and other fencing installations in Columbia, MD, be sure to request quotes from trusted industry names like [FENCE COMPANY]. Their [YEARS OF SERVICE] regional presence, AFA certification, bonded staff and sterling customer ratings check all the right boxes for finding fence success on your next Columbia-area project.

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