BADSHAHI MOSQUE is great evidence and marvelous distinguished building of Mughal architecture skill. Badshahi mosque is one of top biggest mosques in the world with having space to accommodate 55000 worshipers. This mosque is common place to visit among all visitors of world who have decided to visit Lahore ever till 2023 and that’s why Badshahi mosque is at top in list of my favorite place to visit in Lahore in 2024 



HAZRAT Daata Ali hajveri is known as Hazrat Daata Ganj bakhsh or Daata sahib he is known as highly ranked sufi saint in history of south Asia

His religious services are considered as changing spirituality

His shrine is located in lahore and his shrine is a site of pilgrimage for Sufi devotees and daily thousands of visitors do visit at his shrine.



Also known as ‘’tower of PAKISTAN ‘’

The iconic structure and historical monument are at number three in my favorite places to visit in Lahore in 2024 and is located in Iqbal Park in Lahore. 

Minar e Pakistan’s construction was started in 1960 objective to construct tower of Pakistan was to memorize efforts of one of big leader QUAID EAZAM.

Lahore resolution was passed here in march 23,1940, this was place where great leader Quaid e Azam in thousands of people finally got success to pass resolution to make a separate entity which resulted after 7 years in 1947.

Minar e Pakistan stands at height of 70 meters and it is structured with blend of Islamic and Mughal architectural styles.

Surrounding of Minar-e-Pakistan

A fully green park is in surrounding of Minar e Pakistan for visitors to relax and take rest and then have a relaxed view of Minar-e-Pakistan

On national holiday 14th august every year a huge crowd moves to Minar e Pakistan celebrate memories of Independence Day of Pakistan  


Shahi Qila is also known as royal fort often by Lahore fort it is UNESCO world heritage site it was founded by Akbar emperor in 16th century then further marvelous additional changes were made by Mughal rulers including shah Jahan, Jahangir and Aurangzeb big names in rulers of Mughal another reason that My favorite place to visit in  Lahore is shahi Qila because of its lush gardens, pathways, water features palace, mosques ,administrative buildings famous as deewan e khaas, deewane aam that reflect the art of architects of Mughal era and evidence to world of its distinguishes for visitors.

It has served many Mughal emperors as their residence

This royal forte in mixture if many Islamic, Persian and Mughal styles showing luxurious life style


At Number five in list of my favorite places to visit in Lahore is sheesh mahal also known as palace of mirrors

In 17th century emperor shah Jahan mainly constructed the sheesh mahal

As we can see that its name shows that it has some outclass and world class working of art in mirror working

Mirrors of different colors in this palace of mirrors takes you to some other kind of world which makes you stunned and speechless and you feel like you are in some other world of imaginations

The most astonishing place to visit in palace of mirrors is roof of stars

The architects made a pool outside room of emperor shah Jahan and at roof of room of emperor they fixed a lot of small mirrors then at night time when the moon light was fall into the pool so it went into room of emperor and when it used to hit those very small pieces of mirror fixed into roof so it seemed stars in sky 

That is why this roof is called roof of stars.



Liberty market of Lahore is a place where you have long wide range of food, shopping, boutiques, cinemas, gaming areas so when you have plan to see movie in big cinema then do shopping and at end eat food so you can move in Lahore to liberty market where available in one market.

If you are keen in shopping so you will have both options like traditional Pakistani shalwar kameez and modern wear style also.

  After shopping when you will feel hungry so a wide range of local foods, Desi foods, chatkhara foods area easily available

Another reason that liberty market is my favorite place to visit in Lahore is that after you have done shopping, food etc. so you have options of many hotels for stay at nominal charges, this facility astonished me a lot.


This is a place which you must visit and I would share its segments that why it is in my favorite place to visit in Lahore

 Trust me this is a huge place for visitors for shopping as its huge plazas and varieties inside malls would make you stunned.

You will find cafe here to take tea or coffee for coffee lovers. Fortress stadium is a place for family as well where you can have family entertainment same for kids also.

 My favorite place to visit is fortress stadium in Lahore in 2024 because I came to know that in season of festivals in Pakistan fortress stadium is a point of attraction for whole city due to its huge space to handle big number of visitors that is why Govt also prefers to held festivals in fortress stadium.

Another good point of attraction for visitors is that approach to fortress stadium is highly easy from every corner of Lahore


Muhammad Mahmood Alam Road is abbreviated M.M ALAM road as he is a national hero of Pakistan as fighter pilot. 

Significance of this road includes commercial hubs in shape of hosting offices, businesses, banks,

 My favorite place to visit in Lahore is M.M. ALAM Road is discussion of 

 younger crowd as they move towards this commercial hub.

Where they discuss a lot of new ideas because when young people sit together and discuss about new commercial strategies so you can meet new talented stuff so this market becomes of place of attraction for visitors when they can meet youngsters and have new ideas in technology and business.

These are the places in list of my favorite places to visit in 2024. It is interesting note that you can visit all these places in a single day if you want to or you can spent more time if you have. We will be updating further information about my favorite places to visit in Lahore in 2024 very soon. So stay connected and if you have any query or question feel free to ask in the comment section.

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