What to Look for When Hiring a Pressure Washing Company – Tips and Advice

Are you considering hiring a professional Pressure washing company to clean the exterior surfaces of your home or business? Finding the right company for the job is important to ensure the work is done properly and safely. As you search for “pressure washing near me,” keep these key tips in mind for identifying reputable pressure washing companies to consider for hires, like Advanced Pressure Washing in Canton, OH, and surrounding areas.

Experience Level

One of the most critical factors is making sure you choose an established pressure washing company with significant experience performing exterior cleaning services. The longer a pressure washing company has been operating and serving satisfied customers, the better. This helps ensure they have refined their techniques and equipment to provide top-notch cleaning services without damaging surfaces or property.

Advanced Pressure Washing has 5 years of experience in exterior cleaning throughout Canton, OH, and nearby cities. Their expertise in handling various surfaces and built knowledge base gives customers added assurance in the work performed.

Insurance Coverage

Reputable pressure washing companies carry full insurance coverage to protect you and your property while performing service work. This includes both general liability insurance and workers’ compensation policies. Liability coverage helps cover potential damage or accidents during the pressure washing process, while workers comp protects employees in case of job-related injuries.

Lacking adequate policies can leave customers vulnerable if incidents were to occur. Advanced Pressure Washing maintains necessary liability and worker’s compensation policies so clients have peace of mind regarding safety and responsibility precautions in place.

Equipment, Tools & Techniques

The specific pressure washers, nozzles, detergents, tools and techniques a company uses can significantly impact cleaning effectiveness and surface safety. Quality equipment properly maintained helps provide optimal cleaning power without being excessive. Advanced tools and accessories also improve access for thorough washing.

Application methods and chemicals must be properly matched to each cleaning surface to avoid potential damage issues. Advanced Pressure Washing invests in top-quality commercial-grade hot and cold water pressure washers, specialty nozzles, and cleaning solutions designed for different applications like wood, brick, concrete, vinyl, and aluminum. Their house washing system and approach are fine-tuned to deliver unsurpassed cleaning results without surface damage.

Customer Service & Support

From initial contact to post-job follow-up, the level of customer service and communication provided is telling when evaluating pressure washing companies. Quality companies clearly explain their process and prices upfront while being responsive to all customer inquiries and concerns.

Once hired, they keep you informed of scheduling and work progress updates. Follow-up contact after the work is completed to ensure you are fully satisfied is a must. Advanced Pressure Washing emphasizes clear communication at every step while inviting customer questions and feedback pre and post-service.

References & Reviews

Asking for references and online reviews is an important due diligence step when researching potential Pressure washing companies to hire. Reputable businesses should have no issue providing past customer references upon request.

Also, check for online customer reviews on Google, Facebook, or industry sites like Angi. Numerous positive detailed reviews help verify previous client satisfaction and experience. Advanced Pressure Wash not only furnishes references, but encourages interested customers to read through their impressive 5-star online reviews from happy local clients.

Reasonable Rates & Value

While cost should not be the lone determining factor, the rates quoted must deliver good overall value for the pressure washing services performed. Companies charging unusually low prices often cut corners that can diminish quality and safety. Reputable businesses price services competitively based on the local market rate structure for the real work involved.

Advanced Pressure Washing is aligned with local rates in providing very economical pricing without sacrificing work quality, safety, or customer care and support. They offer free accurate estimates as well based on your specific project parameters, allowing you to easily compare proposal pricing with other companies bidding.

Compliance & Training

In addition to insurance coverage mentioned earlier, legitimate pressure washing firms comply with all federal and state regulatory requirements for commercial exterior cleaning businesses. This includes adherence to EPA standards around containment and disposal of hazardous wastewater runoff.

On the personnel side, established companies also thoroughly train all staff members on safe operating procedures and practices. Advanced Pressure Wash crews attend mandatory hands-on training covering proper equipment usage, application methods for various surfaces, safety protocols, and more before being assigned to job sites.

Written Service Agreement

Another best practice is signing a written service agreement or contract that clearly spells out what specific pressure washing services will be performed, timeline, pricing, warranty terms if applicable, and other vital details expected by both the company and the customer. Verbal commitments alone made during initial discussions just don’t cut it when spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on intensive cleaning projects.

Make sure you actually sign off on formal agreements from any contractors under final consideration to lock in all agreed-upon project specifications and expectations upfront.

We hope these tips help you identify the top Pressure washing companies worthy of your consideration as you seek estimates on your upcoming exterior cleaning project. For Canton, OH region homeowners and businesses looking for a proven industry leader in pressure washing services, Advanced Pressure Washing is here to help. Contact us or read more about why we are the top choice for superior house washing, driveway cleaning, deck restoration, commercial storefront refresh projects, and all other pressure wash needs in your local area.

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