Michael Regush: From Underdog to Guiding Stars – A Journey of Resilience in Sports

In the world of sports, the narrative of the underdog making an extraordinary comeback is both compelling and inspiring. Michael Regush, a Cornell University alumnus and former professional hockey player with the Abbotsford Canucks, embodies this narrative through his remarkable journey of resilience and determination.

Regush’s story begins at the age of 14 and like many other Bantam draft hopefuls, he did not see his name selected and receive a phone call from a WHL GM informing him he had been selected back in May 2013.

“I remember that day very well. I allowed it to be burned into my brain. My grandparents were out of town, and I spent the day sitting in my grandpa’s office refreshing the website page repeatedly. Watching name after name of players I had grown up playing with and against getting selected. The worst part about not being selected wasn’t the actual overlooking but rather the comments and sneers I dealt with after. I certainly learned to have thicker skin after that.”

Regush would battle back following this setback in his career which led him to junior hockey where he played in the BCHL and the USHL. He also represented Team Canada West at the World Junior A challenge and took part in the CJHL top prospects game in Cornwall Ontario. These achievements and years of dedication earned him the opportunity to attend the prestigious Cornell University and continue playing hockey at the NCAA Division 1 level.

“I owe a ton of that success to my dad and my mom. My parents taught me how to persevere and how to keep fighting. My dad spent countless hours driving me around following that draft and the two of them just supported me so much and gave me back that belief in myself.”

At Cornell, he faced the challenges of collegiate athletics and a rigorous academic schedule. His tenacity and skill on the ice led him to become a standout athlete. While at Cornell he received two freshmen of the week honours, the Greg Rutushny award for most promising freshman, and won two ECAC regular season titles and two Ivy League championships all in the span of two seasons. The pinnacle of Cornell and Regush’s success was abruptly halted when Cornell’s hockey season, in which the team held the esteemed number 1 national ranking, was unexpectedly canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After his career, Regush realized the knowledge gained from this setback would assist him in creating a support system for other young athletes.

“I tried to turn that turbulent time into one of opportunity. The Ivy League can’t give out full-ride scholarships. It is a system where you get financial aid. My parents were still paying a small fortune for me to attend school. The pandemic allowed me to graduate early. I completed my bachelor’s degree in three years. Assisted by an excellent support network I completed 59 college credits in a calendar year to finish my bachelor’s degree a year early and graduate with honours Magna Cum Laude. Unfortunately, in that third and final year at Cornell, the season was completely canceled. While I did my best to train and skate with one of my good friends and fellow Advantage Sports consultant Jake Fletcher it would ultimately be about 18 months between playing games.”

Following his time at Cornell Regush pursued his Master of Accountancy at Maimi University Ohio. There the team struggled greatly, and Michael’s final college season was riddled with injuries and illness.

“I enjoyed my time at Miami despite the lack of on-ice success. The accounting program was excellent and I’m glad I got the opportunity to pursue that degree. Unfortunately, whether it be bad luck or too much time off I was hurt more that year than ever in my career. That year I had a groin strain almost immediately and a sprained wrist. I played through both injuries despite them being debilitating. I also got COVID-19 which severely affected my ability to breathe and finally a high ankle sprain that effectively ended my senior year. I played 24 out of 36 games that year but I probably played 10 or 11 healthy.”

Undeterred by the challenges, Regush clawed his way back into the world of professional hockey. Regush’s agent got him the opportunity to go to the Canuck’s rookie camp in Penticton B.C. and from there he earned a spot at the main camp for the Vancouver Canucks before signing a professional contract with the Abbotsford Canucks.

“I was very fortunate to get that opportunity with Vancouver after the two years I had just had. It was an awesome experience to be around those guys and see how they conduct themselves. While my year in Abbotsford wasn’t as successful personally as a team we had a strong year. I learned a lot but as the season progressed, I realized that my career was coming to a close.”

Despite being offered to go and play for several other AHL teams during the offseason Regush decided to step away from playing the game he knows and loves. He now runs the exclusive sports consulting firm Advantage Sports Consulting Corporation paying forward all the knowledge he gained from countless experiences as a player, person, and student.

“Having gone as far as I did, I realized the difference between the guys that make it at the highest levels and the ones that don’t is much smaller than one would think. I dealt with a ton of adversity and I’m proud of what I accomplished. I’m also unbelievably thankful for how lucky I was to have the support system I did. I was one of the few who received predominantly good advice from those around me. Many others aren’t quite as lucky.”

This journey led Regush to found a revolutionary sports consulting firm. Advantage Sports Consulting is a first-of-its-kind all-inclusive network that can find a specialist for any area of importance regarding young athletes’ development. Drawing from his own experiences as an athlete who faced many setbacks and uncertainties, Regush ‘s agency adopts a holistic approach to athlete development. The focus is on providing personalized programs and mentorship to young athletes, pairing them with consultants who have navigated the challenges of sports at the highest level.

The services offered by Regush’s agency go beyond traditional coaching, encompassing development planning, baseline testing, sport-specific coaching, strength and conditioning recommendations, nutrition sessions, academic advising, and more. Additionally, the agency opens doors to a network of specialists, offering young athletes access to physiotherapists, sports psychologists, school tutors, and college admission advisors, as well as many more.

For families and aspiring athletes eager to learn more about Michael Regush’s sports consulting agency, additional information can be found on their website www.advantagesportsconsulting.com, or by reaching out at 672-335-1272. The agency welcomes inquiries and stands ready to play a pivotal role in transforming the challenges faced by underdogs into stories of triumph and success on the sports stage and beyond.

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