The Future of Dinosaur Games is Bright

After decades of evolution, dinosaur games let us experience these ancient beasts in more immersive ways than ever before. As technology improves, the future promises even richer worlds, smarter AI, and potentially even virtual and augmented reality bringing us face to face with dinosaurs like never before.

Yet even with cutting-edge upgrades, the spirit that made the simplest pixelated dinosaurs special remains. Dinosaurs inspire our imagination and take us back to our childhood sense of wonder. Whether casual or hardcore, educational or just for fun, dinosaur games will continue to thrive and evolve as long as our fascination with dinosaurs lives on.



Unearthed Treasures: Hidden Gem Dinosaur Games

Blockbuster franchises like Jurassic Park and horizon Zero Dawn have made dinosaurs a staple of mainstream gaming. But beyond these heavy hitters lies a treasure trove of unique hidden gem dinosaur games that deserve more attention.

Here are some unearthed treasures – underrated dinosaur games with clever concepts, charming graphics, and fun gameplay that all dinosaur fans should add to their collection.

Prehistoric Pets

Prehistoric Pets for Nintendo DS let players raise adorable baby dinosaurs. You hatch eggs and care for a Triceptops, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl, teaching them tricks and bonding over minigames.

With its cartoony art style and mix of pet sim and educational gameplay, Prehistoric Pets deserves a comeback on modern platforms. DinosaurTamers unite!

Star Fox Adventures

Star Fox Adventures on GameCube mashes up space action with Zelda-style dinosaur adventuring. As Fox McCloud, you explore the planet of Sauria, learning powers to save dinosaurs from an evil sharpclaw tribe.

With lush jungles, colorful dinosaurs, and addictive crystal collecting, this genre mashup deserves revisiting for its bold creativity. A modern remaster could make this underrated gem truly shine.

Peter Jackson’s King Kong

Movie tie-in games are often disappointments, but this intense first-person adventure set during the events of Peter Jackson’s 2005 King Kong remake is a triumph. The mysterious Skull Island setting oozes atmosphere as you encounter angry Brontosauruses and rivalry T-Rexes.

For a game based on a gorilla, its dinosaurs steal the show. Its immersive world deserves to be experienced again on modern VR platforms.


Carnivores for PC simulates hunting expeditions to dinosaur infested planets. You track Stegosaurus, Pteranodons, and T-Rexes across vast jungles, but with limited ammo, can easily become the hunted.

With day/night cycles that change dino behavior and support for everything from pistols to sniper rifles, this forgotten gem deserves to be re-discovered by shooter and sim fans.

Jurassic: The Hunted

2007’s Jurassic: The Hunted gets you closer to the action with a first-person perspective on velociraptor attacks, pteradodactyl dive bombs, and charging Triceratops. Environments based on Jurassic Park and The Lost World movies recreate classic movie moments.

For an intense dinosaur action fix reminiscent of Turok, unearth Jurassic: The Hunted. A remaster with polished graphics and controls would let its exciting set pieces shine.

Turok Evolution

A 2002 prequel to Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Turok Evolution features arcade shooter action against prehistoric creatures and enemies. You fight raptors, pteradactyls and T-Rexes with blades, guns, and powers gained from a mysterious artifact.

With a sub 10-hour story, varied levels, and cheat code support, this is B-movie dinosaur fun perfect for casual summer gaming sessions.

Primal Prey

This little-known PS2 title from 2006 drops you onto Dinosaur Island where you play as a Raptor being hunted for sport. With quick time events and multiple paths, you stalk human prey while evading traps and fellow dinosaurs.

With built-in replayability and B-movie schlock, Primal Prey offers campy dinosaur gaming for horror fans up for some role reversal.

Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival

This modern reboot of classic soccer series Kick Off adds dinosaurs to the formula. Exhibition matches and leagues let you compete as dinosaurs across vividly colorful arenas. Unlock Stegosaurus, T-Rexes, and other beasts while juggling, passing, and tackling.

For sports fans, this quirky mashup of soccer and dinosaurs is a can’t miss novelty. Couch co-op completes the package.

Keep Digging

Beyond the big names, a treasure trove of creative dinosaur games exists just waiting to transport us back to prehistoric worlds. Whether you want to peacefully raise baby dinos, fend off fierce predators, or just soccer as a stegosaurus, hidden gems provide endless offbeat dinosaur fun for excavating.

So the next time you or your kids get your fill of the google dinosaur game for kids and other mainstream dinosaur fare, do some digging. You may unearth a new favorite in this rich trove of unearthed gaming treasures. The most dedicated dinosaur gamers know there are gems still out there waiting to be found.

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