Practices and Measures to Protect the Environment

Practices and Measures to Protect the Environment

The earth is our common home, but we are busy with our own small home, often neglecting that some of the actions of our production and life have been destroying our “big home”. Protecting the earth’s environment, is a long-term slogan, although we have the awareness of environmental protection, but have not been able to put it into action. In this blog, we will discuss some measures that can be taken to protect the environment.

Some Measures to Protect the Environment


Environmental improvement and management can’t be separated from afforestation. Large-area greening can beautify the environment, purify the air, reduce disasters, and protect plants is a very important method to protect the environment. Afforestation is an old but the most simple and effective way.

Garbage Classification and Recyclable Processing

Garbage classification treatment, which is inseparable from our lives, our human activities in the process of waste have such a set of data: the earth produces a total of 8.5 million tons of garbage every day, including 3 million tons of feces and 5.5 million tons of domestic waste. You can imagine how much of a burden these are on the earth, sorting garbage, recycling useful garbage, reducing pollution, and recycling renewable resources.

Save Resources

Save paper, water, and electricity. Most of these resources are based on nature, and since they are a necessary component of our human life now, we need to consider the problem of their service life.

Reduce Pollution

Avoid using disposable plastic cups, foam lunch boxes, plastic bags, and disposable chopsticks. Do not use disposable chopsticks, cutlery, toiletries, etc. Take shopping bags with you to avoid using non-recyclable, non-degradable plastic bags.

Maintain Environmental Hygiene

Consciously do not litter, see the garbage to pick up to protect environmental health. Comply with the regulations regarding the prohibition of littering of all kinds of waste, and discard the waste in designated places or containers.

Stick to the CD

With the improvement of our living conditions, there is no big problem with food and clothing. But saving is the awareness we have all the time, saving food, protecting the earth, and reducing waste pollution. Usually, cook to eat the right amount, and do not waste food.

Protect Animals

The animals on the earth have a complete food chain, all animals depend on each other, protect the environment, protect animals, and protect human beings. Don’t kill wild animals at will. Wild animals play an important role in ecological balance.

Concern about Environmental Issues

Pay attention to environmental quality, natural ecology, and energy resources, understand the ecological environment information released by the government and enterprises, and learn ecological environment science. Practice low-carbon life and protect our common home.

Environmental Publicity

“Environmental protection depends on everyone”, only the actions of everyone together can form a huge force. We should increase publicity on environmental protection and encourage more people to participate in environmental protection. And now propaganda is mostly just to warn everyone, and it does not ensure that we all do it. Environmental welfare activities hope that we can participate.

Renewable Energy

The most effective way to protect the environment is to start at the source, where the number of resources we use every day is increasing as the population grows and resources are wasted. Renewable energy is one of the most effective ways to solve this problem. We are bathed in sunlight every day, solar energy is the most common energy, it is very effective to use solar energy to solve problems such as the waste of resources. Huawei, the company utilized in providing solar solutions for households and businesses, has put much forward to home photovoltaic systems like Huawei Power-M can be described as outstanding advantages, say goodbye to load reduction comprehensive replacement warranty, and convenient installation.

Practices and Measures to Protect the Environment


Ecological issues believe that each of us has our own feelings, we should all like fresh air, suitable ambient temperature, flowers and trees, and cute and interesting animals. The earth’s environment is our home for survival, as long as each of us does something to the environment, I believe that the future is still a green earth.

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