Everything You Need to Know About Mini Vortex Mixer

Mini Vortex

There are several pieces of equipment in a laboratory that make the work of technicians easy, simplified, and quick. Right technology offers assistance and enables the technicians to perform the task at hand accurately. One such laboratory equipment in India is the Vortex mixer. It is one of the basic technologies used in the labs for mixing the samples in the flasks, plates, or test tubes. It uses a simple mechanism to evoke reactions/ homogenization. All of this is performed with a high level of precision. 

Vortex mixers play a crucial role for researchers and scientists in several fields, such as biology, physics, and chemistry, to name a few. The process works by creating a vortex, i.e., circular motion in the samples. The process aims to enable efficient dissolving, mixing, and suspending of each particle in the liquid. There are shafts beneath the sample platform that work with a motor. They move rapidly, which transfers the motion to the sample container placed into the mixer. The fluids circulate and create a turbulent flow. 

In other words, the Vortex created is a form of kinetic energy for stirring without any tool protruding into the container. Vortex is one of the best choices for life science applications where sensitive samples are involved. The Vortex has an edge over a typical stirrer as they only mix one sample at a time. Also, the traditional stirrer can’t mix the fluids in sealed containers, which is a must while mixing reagents of a biochemical nature. The vortex mixers are created with a minimum dual-plate model, which enables them to mix multiple samples simultaneously. 

Types of Vortex Mixers

There are two types of vortex mixers- analogue and digital Vortex. With the digital vortex mixer, one can achieve precise control over the speed. On the other hand, analogue vortex mixer has a simpler design and cost less than their counterparts. Within both categories, one can find several other variants based on the mixing capacity, speed range, and features. 

What are the Applications of Vortex Mixer?

Vortex mixers enjoy a wide array of usage in scientific research and analysis departments. Here’s a look at some of the common applications:

  • Chemical synthesis

The Vortex is used for mixing the reagents or samples for chemical reactions. 

  • Cell culture

Vortex is used for re-suspending cells, mixing the cell cultures, and extracting the proteins. 

  • Quality control

Vortex mixers ensure that the quality control process is up to the mark by ensuring that the samples or products are mixed well and uniformly. 

  • Sample preparation

It is used as a part of the quality control processes like mixing of samples before DNA extraction, preparing the blood samples for testing, and more. 

How to Choose the Best Vortex Mixer?

Here’s a look at some factors that should be considered while choosing the vortex mixer:

  • Mixing capacity

The number of samples a machine can mix in one go is termed the mixing capacity of Vortex. While some mixers are able to handle many samples simultaneously, others might be able to mix only one sample at a time. The choice of machine depends on your usage. 

  • Features of Vortex

While choosing any product, it is a must to look at the features, and this applies to the vortex mixer as well. Some vortexes might be basic ones; there are others in the market that comes with additional features. You can find vortex mixers with features such as programmable settings, timer functions, and temperature control, to name a few. While choosing a machine, consider which features are significant for your specific application. 

  • Speed range

The speed range of a vortex reflects the types of samples it can handle. Generally, a higher speed is needed for dense and viscous samples. For sensitive and delicate samples, even a low speed is fine. Again, the choice of equipment will depend on your particular usage. 

  • Cost of the machine

While looking for Vortex, you must never ignore the price aspect. They vary significantly in price depending on the features, capacity, and speed. You can choose the vortex mixer based on your specific usage, desired features, and available budget. 

How to Maintain the Vortex Mixers?

To make sure that the vortex device performs to the best of its ability, the following tips should be followed:

  • Use the right tube/ plate

It is important to choose the right plate or tube for sample mixing. Different vortex mixers would be built differently. Some mixers work only with tubes and plates of a specific size. 

  • Avoid Overloading

The vortex device should never be overloaded as it can lead to samples getting spilt. It can also make the mixer overheat. 

  • Regular Cleaning

Just like any other equipment, the Vortex needs to be cleaned regularly, too. It will help in preventing any damage or contamination. You can use mild detergent along with warm water for cleaning. Always remember to dry the device before using it again. 

  • Right Storage

The vortex mixer should be stored in a dry and cool place. It should not be exposed to moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations. 

Considering these tips will allow you to use the vortex device for a long time and maintain its efficiency and accuracy. 

How to Use the Vortex Mixer?

  • Prepare the samples by labelling them so that they are ready for mixing. The tubes or plates chosen must be compatible with the Vortex. 
  • Place the tubes/plates on the mixing platform in such a way that they are secured enough to prevent any kind of spillage.
  • Adjust the speed depending on the density of the samples.
  • Turn the device on and let it operate for the desired time. The duration will vary based on the particular application.
  • Monitor the mixing process to ensure that it is being done correctly. In case of any irregularities, adjust the motion and speed.
  • Once the mixing is done, turn off the device and remove the tubes/ plates from the platform.
  • Clean the vortex mixer using warm water and a mild detergent. Store it only when it dries completely.

The vortex mixer should be bought from reputed and experienced lab equipment manufacturers in Gujarat. It will ensure the credibility and quality of the equipment. 


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