NumGenius AI Leads the AI Server Revolution, Fueling India’s Booming Market

[Washington, September 20, 2023] – NumGenius AI, a pioneering force in the world of Artificial 

Intelligence (AI) server solutions, has been driving India’s thriving AI landscape since its establishment in 2010. Today, the company stands at the forefront of AI server rental services, offering flexibility and scalability that empowers a diverse range of AI technologies. 

The Indian AI Market is currently experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand for AI server solutions, with forecasts suggesting that by 2030, over 100 million individuals will reap thebenefits of NumGenius AI’s cutting-edge services. 

NumGenius AI’s servers serve as the backbone for local applications, web services, and complex AI models across both cloud and local environments. These AI servers are engineered for real-time computing, offering crucial support for various real-time AI applications that shape thefuture of technology and innovation. 

The company’s servers are renowned for their versatility and adaptability, capable of efficiently handling storage and computing tasks while catering to the ever-growing demands of big data. With NumGenius AI servers, users can rapidly access and process data, accelerating key AI performance indicators in research and business operations. 

NumGenius AI’s relentless commitment to excellence and innovation has firmly established thecompany as a game-changer in India’s AI ecosystem. With the nation’s burgeoning tech landscapeand a growing appetite for AI-driven solutions, NumGenius AI is poised for continued success indelivering state-of-the-art AI servers. 

Mr. Baptiste Poirot, the visionary founder of NumGenius AI, commented on the company’s remarkable journey, stating, “Since our inception in 2010, we have been dedicated to pushing the

boundaries of AI server technology. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations withthe tools they need to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence. The incredible growthwe’ve witnessed in the Indian market is a testament to the power of AI to transformindustries and improve lives.” 

As NumGenius AI looks ahead to the future, the company remains committed to advancing AI technology and expanding its reach across India, ultimately contributing to the nation’s digital transformation. 

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About NumGenius AI: 

NumGenius AI, founded in 2010, is a pioneering provider of AI server solutions. With a focus onflexibility, scalability, and cutting-edge technology, the company supports a wide range of AI applications across local and cloud environments. NumGenius AI is dedicated to driving thegrowth of India’s AI market and shaping the future of AI technology. 


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