Diagonaux: How it affects many aspects of human life

Diagonaux: How it affects many aspects of human life

Diagonaux is always reflected in certain perspectives, especially in the field of design and aesthetics. The word always stands out as an idea of how a dimension looks. The nuances of Dioganux have a deep meaning, which can be traced from its geometric understanding. This article will cover the A to Z of Diagonaux. Enjoy!


What is Diagonaux? Where did that come from?

It is an important part of geometry. Actually, Diagonaux is a term for any dimensional shape that uses diagonal lines as its “core.” Diagonal lines are often used in various geometric objects because they have quite a lot of combinations and permutations. With its wide variations, the use of Diagonaux is always successful in providing a new and impressive “form”.

To find out where Diagonaux came from we have to “travel through a time machine.” In fact, Diagonaux’s traces can be traced back thousands of years and they often appear (clearly and also vaguely) in various ancient relics such as ancient Chinese pottery, traces of Greek and Roman construction, as well as ancient Egyptian drawings in the pyramids. Ancient people used to love Diagonaux in creating their artistic expressions.


As one of the pillars of the fashion world

Diagonaux has long been used in the world of fashion, of course not as long as its use in works of art and construction represented by the ancient nations above! For hundreds of years, Diagonaux motifs have often been used for clothes that are often shown at world-class fashion events. Fashion cities such as Milan, New York, and Paris were never “free” from Diagonaux motifs.


Source of illusion

For many geometers, Diagonaux is a source of illusion. Depending on their placement, a pair of diagonal lines can make an object look wider, narrower, taller, shorter, and even wavy. In its application to the world of fashion, Diagonaux motifs often deceive the human eye, making someone look fatter or thinner.

As an important composition in the visual arts

In the visual arts, Diagonaux can direct the eye, which is why this motif has been frequently used in works of art since ancient times. For some reason, Diagonaux motifs always tend to attract attention. For artists, this motif is their weapon to produce expressive works of art. And not only expressive but also dramatic!


Modern touch

Diagonaux motifs are now increasingly used in modern visual arts. There are two methods that are most widely used in pushing Diagonaux to his “limits”, namely experimental and abstract methods. These two methods are Diagonaux’s main drivers in creating modern visual art that is both creative and expressive. In modern building design, for example, the Diagonaux touch serves for stability and elegance. In terms of structural strength, Diagonaux is hard to ignore because once it is applied, it can increase the stability of the structure quite significantly. And in terms of elegance, Diagonux is a synonym for elegance. The most obvious example is the Sydney Opera House which, with its many diagonal components, has remained one of the most interesting constructions in the world for decades now.


Diagonux is an important component of sustainability

In modern construction practice, the sustainability of the function of a geometric form is important. And that can include anything, for example, energy efficiency. Diagonaux today is often used in the construction of solar shading and ventilation systems and has been proven to increase energy efficiency. And of course environmental aesthetics!


And finally in the digital world!

Diagonaux is not only limited to the physical world that can be touched and touched. It has also penetrated the digital world through the creative hands of graphic designers. Now it is very easy to find Diagonaux motifs on websites and applications.

Don’t you want to join the Diagonaux trend?

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